10 reasons to exercise

10 reasons to exercise

Your body is designed for movement. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that the arterial pressure increases, the appetite is lost, bones become brittle, muscles is painful, you get tired quickly, the mood is spoiled, often a period of depression.

If you lived many centuries ago, you would have to move a lot to get food, build shelter, to make clothes, etc. Furthermore, you would competed, danced traditional dances, competed in the discus, bobsled, played various games that require good physical fitness.

In our time, in order to clothe and feed themselves, do not require great physical effort, but you still need exercise to be healthy.

Why do you need exercise?

1. The most important reason to exercise is the need to strengthen health . strengthen the heart, control blood pressure, they contribute to the resorption of potentially dangerous blood clots in the blood, slow the aging process.

2. When you are actively practicing, oxygen gets to every cell in the body, so the skin is improved . sometimes disappear and pimples. Activates blood circulation, improves reflexes.

3. Sport tone the muscles, they become more elastic, and you toned, attractive and graceful, because the joints have more range of motion. Exercise helps to achieve ideal weight and maintain it . this cannot be achieved by diet alone.

4. However due to exercise can control appetite . because it increases the amount of endorphins, which the brain allocates, they protect the body from hunger as long as he don’t really need to “recharge”

5. Sports help to fight chronic fatigue . increasing stamina. They give an additional supply of oxygen to the brain and make you more energetic throughout the day.

6. This, in turn, promotes deeper and more restful sleep at night, because it stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps get rid of nervous tension accumulated during the day (because you are physically tired and don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day, which is usually experienced physically inactive people). Sports exercise helps prevent depression and insomnia, not only because relieve nervous tension, but also because it reduces in the body of excess adrenaline and hormones that contribute to stress.

7. Activities also strengthen the faith in their own strength . you feel that you can improve your health and appearance no matter what your age and physical condition.

8. Exercise stimulates the metabolism and peristalsis. Doing sports, it is easier to give up Smoking . It is known that athletes who quit Smoking, it is easier to cope with heavy loads, because they formed an extra amount of oxygen in the blood, which, of course, decreases when a person smokes.

9. Good physical fitness helps a person recover faster from serious illness, surgical operations, because strong muscles wider opportunities to utilize oxygen than flabby, and the more oxygen they get, the faster and functions of organs and tissues. In some hospitals, patients who have surgery on the chest or abdomen prescribed several weeks to perform a special exercise program before the scheduled surgery.

10. You might want to do sports in order to relax or enhance the mood . Tests conducted by M. Carmack and R. Martens, show that the people who are running for this reason, get much more emotional charge from their training than those who exercise only because someone told how this is useful.

Every woman should find their own reasons that lead her to start to exercise. One girl in the entire year engaged in weight lifting and karate for self-defence. Another decided to get rid of back pain, floating on mile five times a week and doing special exercises for abdominal muscles and back.

Remember that to start, and even take part in competitions not too late at any age, regardless of health status.

A number of organizations contributes to the development of physical culture and sports for people with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, or persons with disabilities.

Based on the book by Sandra Rosenzweig “Beauty in health”.

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