Adaptation to physical loads

Adaptation to physical loads

I remember the words I said in the first 16 years of his band of disciples: “Each of you can achieve high physical and become the champion. Is wanted. “. Think about these simple words, because it is the engine of progress not only in sport…

Almost everyone has by nature prone to any kind of sports. Yes, talent is wonderful! But experience shows that the most important work. Under the influence of sports training the body (especially increasing) is changing, evolving and improving.

Experiencing a different kind of load re-execution of certain exercises that looks unusual and unknown impact, the athlete remains nothing how to adapt to the new requirements. This improves and strengthens the capacity of involved organs and systems, that is, adaptation (adaptation) of the organism to the demands placed on.

You know that if you touch the leaf of Mimosa bashful”, he folds. Now, scientists on this basis, made an interesting experience. The ends of the leaves joined with silk thread microdensitometer and measure the strength of the sheet in this movement. Then put the thread through a small block and its end attached cargo. Turned out kind of small trainer for plants)) during the day, the experimenter touched the leaf of Mimosa few hundred times. The sheet is then lifted load, it is released and thus trained. And the cargo every day increased. And here after a month of daily workouts again measure the strength of the sheet microdensitometer. You know how many times it has increased by 400.

If the plant is able to adapt to stress, and people in a similar way to adapt to the environment and new requirements that may be offered. Remember this experience when you doubt your abilities!

As a result of physical exercise increases the volume of the muscles, increases their strength, strengthens the heart and decreases the frequency of its contractions, increases lung capacity and reduces blood pressure. People can get used to considerable physical stress: tropical heat, cold, Arctic, high altitude conditions. At the heart of this adaptation.

The development of sports techniques and tactics. education of will and character, enhanced functionality. the development of motor skills is also a result of adaptation under the influence of repeated and increasing demands and impacts of sports training.

A very important feature of this adaptation exact type and nature of the work. For example, exercises with a barbell significantly increase muscle bulk and strength, and jumping exercises increase the explosive strength of muscles and their flexibility. Such adequacy (strict compliance) is considered the most important pattern in the adaptation. So you can accurately and directed to conduct the training process.

The choice of means, methods and loads must strictly comply with the set objectives in the chosen kind of sport. Work that does not meet the objectives of the training, not just unnecessary, it – energy consumption, and psychological forces that need care to spend. Therefore, you should clearly define the goals and what you want to achieve.

Usually in a familiar activity energy cost is quickly recovered in the process and after it. In this case the body regain health.

But if physical activity makes the body more requirements? Then in the base of the fixture is, as the famous physiologist A. A. Ukhtomsky, “the mighty ability of living matter not only to fill the current waste, but also to accumulate operating voltages above the level at which they were to work.” The value of this miraculous ability of the human body to change, to evolve and improve under the influence of the relevant impacts, including sports, is so great that often the athletes who initially believed hopeless, has achieved outstanding success. Being stubborn and persistent in training, they are literally transformed herself.

As a result of a large reduction of the energy resources of the organism, its psychical forces their recovery is exceeding previous levels. The body, as it tells the athlete: “Well, brother, you made me perform unusual and difficult work. But, to me it was easier the next time, I during the holidays in advance to prepare for this, increasing their functionality. This phenomenon is called sverchuvstvovanie, or overcompensating.

However, you should know that overreduction after one training session is held just a few days. Thus, the greater the load, the relatively more time is needed for recovery and the longer you hold the state of high efficiency. For example, after stretching. overreduction is held until 24 hours after exercise that develops strength major muscle groups – 1-2 days, and the development of endurance is 3-5 days.

If in the following days you do not exercise, then the ability of the organism are reduced to the previous level!

The role of adaptive capacity in the preparation of athletes is very high. But the ability to adapt should be used wisely, with the gradual increase of requirements to the body. Remember that the optimal combination of work and leisure – the basic rule of an effective workout .

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