Aerobics Cycling

Aerobics Cycling

It’s the feeling of flying when you float on the road bike, familiar to everyone since childhood. However, in our climate it is difficult to make Cycling all year round. The output here is a simple – cycle. This word in the modern fitness indicate the direction where there is a special exercise bike.

Like many other kinds of fitness, indoor Cycling has moved on from America. His father was an American cyclist John Goldberg. In the early 90s he designed stationary Bicycle lightweight for racing indoors and your

own style of exercise. This direction in a very short time became popular in America and later in Europe, and is called “cycle”. To Goldberg also owns the original training program with a specially designed diet, which was the adaptation time.

Today “cycle” is one of the most popular fitness trends in Ulan-Ude.

– At this time of year most of the girls suffers from two issues is what to wear to a Christmas party and how to lose weight fast. Classes velotrenazhery help not only to lift the tone, but effectively lose excess weight. As you know, an active process of fat digestion occurs at high cardio workout. It begins when large muscle groups are included in the rhythmic work for a long time, ” says the instructor at the fitness club “Megacity” Ekaterina Polishchuk.

Pedal in the hall

Probably, each of Ulan-odenza have a friend or acquaintance who bought a bike and soon regretted it. In 99 cases out of 100 this sports equipment quickly turns into the perfect hanger. What is the reason? It seems the trainer is at arm’s length, and dust it more than kilometers.

To be honest, it’s laziness and too many distractions. An alternative to home training – group training in the hall on special exercise bikes. Because the “cycle” you can install a load that person pedal quite a twist you can’t, but on a home exercise bike maximum load rotates very easily. The cycle can be push-UPS, squat and stand that on the bike very difficult to do. Therefore, do not take their “pet” as a professional equipment could injure you and damage the machine. Another plus to engage in the group – at home is very easy to be distracted by the TV or droops from the lack of control and incentive. In the group and with an experienced instructor is simply impossible, especially here there is passion, competitive spirit, as in this race over rough terrain.

– During the lessons is an important psychological component. Revving up for a success and healthy atmosphere of collective training allow you to have much more impact. In my opinion, Cycling is the most fun a collective pastime. Many of the girls became friends on our classes, says fitness trainer cycle Ekaterina.

According to the coach, to do the cycle can be from two to five times a week. If you expect from your figure of rapid change, the first three months of push the pedal five days a week. Will be able to maintain the previously established form, attending a cycle class for advanced twice a week.

Slim eyes

“How I love this, this chic press, a firm butt, strong arms! And I hate the layer of fat that hides!” This funny joke relevant to many citizens. We don’t move at all and we eat a lot, hence the marbling on the sides. According to experts, to get rid of them will help aerobic exercise. It’s walking, running and, of course, the Bicycle.

One of my clients dropped 6 pounds in a month and a half, ” said coach cycle Ekaterina Polishchuk. Because the load is in the cycle of high-intensity aerobic, and leads to rapid burning of fat cells. Exactly cycle is the leader among a group of programs for burning fats in conjunction with the development of physical stamina and strengthen the muscular system. It perfectly cleans the total volume of fat deposits in the body and gives tone to the muscular system.

Take for example specific data. When nine speed 9 km/h average power consumption when doing cycle is 2.8 kcal/h per kilogram of body weight, and at a speed of 15 km/h – 4.8 kcal. If you accelerate to 20 km/hour, you can lose up to 8 kcal per hour per kilogram of body weight.

– The heart is the engine of our body, and maintaining it in proper form is the main key to health and longevity. The development of the cardiovascular system during exercise leads to a dramatic reduction in the risk of formation of dangerous pathologies. Also, by doing training on the bike optimizes the whole circulatory system. Cycling contributes to the effect of muscle stress on the correct functioning of internal organs. This leads to the production of essential enzymes, stabilization of blood pressure and the approaching speed of the metabolic processes to the optimum value, ” says cardiologist Natalia Mikhailova.

In the process of training on the cycle in the works include the calf muscles, thighs, buttocks, back muscles. Strengthening the back muscles improves posture and reduces the possibility of development of various kinds of neuralgia, radiculitis, osteochondrosis. The development of leg muscles give ease when walking, the lack of heaviness in the feet and, most importantly for women, makes walking attractive. Knee joints during training are in constant motion, and this prevents the most complicated diseases related to their stagnation.

Fun fitness

It is no coincidence that in recent years, this kind of aerobics is very popular all over the world. In addition to the notorious effect of rapid weight loss, the merit of “cycle” in the fact that, by doing it, it is not necessary to think, to load down. There is not given any choreography, which means you can fully relax the brain and do what the coach says. This is partly why “cycle” is well suited to people with bad coordination.

– I lose about 600 calories, know exactly how much, because for a long time to herself recorded the proportion of lost kg and consumed calories. Go three times a week. After the workout, be sure to stay in the room alone on the simulator and on the Mat rock press. Pay special attention to the lower press. The result will not keep itself waiting! – shares her experience one of the fans cycle Tatyana Bazhenova.

Note, to practice the cycle do not need special equipment, except that you should pay attention to the running shoes that should have a solid sole, the foot must be firmly fixed. You just need a towel – pot will drain just a waterfall and a bottle of mineral water without gas. Coach between “track” will allow you to quench your thirst. Clothing is simple: shorts or leggings. Well, himself and a sports hall with a special stationary bikes.

– The result is very noticeable. The main thing – to withstand the first class, the second will be easier. On the third time, you find that you are at ease. Very good for improving endurance, goes that extra weight. I’m after 5-6 sessions, if not to be lazy and give all the best completely, goes from 1.2 to 1.5 kg. the Main thing is to breathe and move the body weight while resting on his hands, says a client of the fitness club Elizabeth Burayev.

Leonid Grigoriev, “Number one”.

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