How to make Cycling as comfortable as possible?

Properly choose a Bicycle to explore

The choice of bike — this is the first and most important step. And to not make mistakes, decide to buy.

If Cycling is for you — it’s a leisurely shopping trip, for which you should not change colorful sarafan on a t-shirt and bike shorts, it is

worth to opt for the cruiser or urban models.

They have comfortable padded seat, lightweight frame, large wheels. This bike is easy to adjust in height to adjust the seat and handlebars. While there is little that can break.

If you want to speed, extreme sports or you want to turn the bike ride in training, it is the perfect option for you — a hybrid . “such models can be driven on smooth roads, and on rough terrain, they have thin wheels and a good suspension. Typically, they collect in store or workshop from components individually for future owner”, ” says Ruslan Panov . Department coordinator cycle of a Federal network of fitness clubs “X-FIT”.

How to prepare for bike rides?

If the walk will be slow and not very long . just do not forget the protective gear. “Even if you don’t plan Scorcher ’ insists Ruslan Panov. — this is Especially important for riding on asphalt. Wear a helmet, kneepads, elbow pads and “gloves” on the carpal joints. Shoes need to be well fixed to the leg and have quite a thick sole so that the foot was stably located on the pedal, ballet flats and Slippers will not fit”.

No lifts on the wheel bags and packages and do not overload the trunk: sticking to the sides items may cling to the tree, hit the passer, and this will lead to a crash. Things you want to take with you, it is best to put in a special podrobnee bags and bags. They are easy to attach to the bike and do not interfere when riding.

If you expect more energetic, a training bike ride . prepare more serious. «first, to take water, — said Ruslan Panov. — Bottle easy to attach to a Bicycle frame with special fasteners”. Clothes should create aerodynamics. Tight-fitting pants and t-shirt — the best option for Cycling. If you train on the bike for the first time, again put on protection. The pump is useful for those who are going to go this long and far.

How to build a training on the bike

“the Best option workout on the bike — riding with the change of the road: rough/smooth”, ” says Ruslan Panov. — When you are riding uphill, get the power load, when on a flat surface ” cardio”.

All those for whom Cycling — it’s a way to lose weight, become fitter and strengthen the muscles, the instructor advises to start with traveling at medium speeds. “During the movement, you should feel a muscle medium voltage, ” he says. — At low gear pedaling is very easy: load will not be enough and you can injure your joints. The high will quickly wear out”.

Optimal training time on the bike — 2 hours. You can include interval training, selecting one of the two following options:

– 5-10 minutes to go alternately stopped by terrain, on a level road: this exercise is easy to arrange in the Park, sliding down the track on the ground;

– one interval to go with the maximum load, the second — in a relaxed manner.

Gradually you can increase exercise duration to 4 hours. Or, if you don’t have much time, not to exceed 2 hours, but steadily increase the load by choosing the gear you need stronger strain muscles, or reduce the resting phase.

“Workout on the bike much safer for the joints than running, so you can engage every day, — said Ruslan Panov. — Optimally will also train 3 times a week”.

How to protect yourself while walking on the bike?

Great view of rest, a good load and a lot of positive emotions — it’s a long bike ride around town or out of town, visiting interesting places, breaks for swimming or a picnic. Before this mini-trip inspect your two-wheeled vehicle: check the brakes, how hard is the steering wheel and seat is not blown if the tires. Can spend anywhere in Bicycle repair shop.

If the road breaking, assess your capabilities. To return to the place and fasten rolled the wheel or the seat is not difficult, but to replace a punctured tyre and fix the failed brakes or flying down the chain will not be easy. «If the bike was bad to shift gears, don’t experiment, stay in one and so get to the house”, ” advises Ruslan Panov.

And finally, when riding around the city, do not forget the main rules of the road for the cyclist. But if were going to ride in the heat, remember the rules of training in the summer .

Have a nice ride!

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