Breathing exercises for preschool children

Breathing exercises for preschool children

State preschool educational institution kindergarten №32 of the Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg Breathing exercises for preschool children Prepared by: instructor in physical culture Zyabkin L. A.

Breathing exercises will strengthen the baby’s immunity.

To protect your child from colds – no easy task.

Germs and viruses and then overcome the little man and undermine the

fragile immune system.

What can you do? Run to the doctor and give the baby pills or resort to old recipes? Neither that, nor another is not needed, if you engage with the child breathing exercises.

Because we all know that breath is life! To be healthy, we must learn to breathe correctly.

Teaching the child simple and fun breathing exercises, you will make an invaluable contribution to his health + prevention of SARS Why are breathing exercises necessary? The respiratory system of the child arranged by Nature extremely difficult and wisely.

The main task is to keep it healthy Why are breathing exercises necessary? Breathing exercises promote oxygen to every cell of the body.

The ability to control breathing contributes to the ability to manage themselves.

Proper breathing stimulates the heart, brain and nervous system, saves us from many diseases, improves digestion before the food will be digested and assimilated, it must absorb oxygen from the blood and oxidize).

Why are breathing exercises necessary? Slow exhalation helps relax, calm down, cope with anxiety and irritability.

Breathing exercises are imperative to the children, often ill with colds, bronchitis, and recovering after suffering from pneumonia or bronchial asthma.

Breathing exercises perfectly complements any treatment (medication, homeopathic, physiotherapy), develops an even imperfect respiratory system of the child and strengthens the body’s defenses.

Requirements for conducting breathing exercises:not to engage in a dusty, neproverene, or wet environment; air temperature must be 18-20C; clothes should not hamper the movements; not to do right after eating; not to do with the child, if he has respiratory diseases in the acute stage.

Technics of performance of exercises breathing exercises for children:- – air to gain through the nose;

– shoulders are not raised;

the exhalation should be long and smooth;

– it is necessary to watch, that was not puffed up cheeks (for a start they could hold hands).

Exercises breathing exercises for the Swing.

The child in the supine position, lay on your stomach in the area of the diaphragm lightweight toy.

Inhale and exhale through the nose.

Adult says the rhyme: Swing up (breath), Swing down (exhale), Stronger than you, buddy, hang in there.

Exercises for breathing exercises Hippo.

IE: lying down or sitting.

The child puts a hand on the region of the diaphragm and deep breathing.

Inhalation and exhalation is through the nose Exercise can be done in the sitting position and be accompanied by the rhyme: Sat begemotik, bellies touched.

The tummy rises (inhalation), the tummy goes down (exhale).

Exercises for breathing exercises Watch.

IE: standing, legs slightly apart, hands down.

Swinging straight arms forward and back, to say “tick-tock”.

Exercises for breathing exercises Blow the bulb.

IE: the child is sitting or standing.

“Inflating balloon” widely spreads his arms to the side and inhales deeply, then slowly brings his hands together, linking his hands in front of chest and blows air – whew.

“A burst balloon” – clap your hands, “from the bulb enters the air” – child says, “Shh”, pulling her lips proboscis, dropping his hands and settling like a balloon from which air is released.

Exercises breathing exercises for Trumpet.

IE: sitting, hands clenched into a tube, raised up.

Slow exhale with a loud utterance of the sound “p-R-R-R-R”.

Exercises for breathing exercises Crow.

IE: a child stands up straight, legs slightly apart and arms at her sides.

Breath – throws his hands wide apart like wings, slowly lowers his hands and says on the exhale: “Carr” maximally stretching the sound [p].

Exercises for breathing exercises chicken.

IE: a child stands up straight, legs slightly apart, arms hanging, throws his hands wide apart like wings – breath;

on the exhale leans forward, head bowed and hands freely, says: “tah – tah-tah”, while patting his knees.

Exercises for breathing exercises beetle.

IE: the child sits or stands, his arms crossed over his chest.

Throws his hands out to the side, raises his head, breath, crossing his arms on his chest, lowers his head, exhale: “Ju-u-u, sit and Pajurio”.

Exercises for breathing exercises Cockerel.

IE: standing up straight, feet apart, hands down.

Raise arms to the side (inhale) and then slap them thighs (expiration) to say: “ku-ka-re-ku”.

Exercises for breathing exercises Blow on a dandelion.

IE: the baby sits or stands.

Takes a deep breath through the nose, then a long exhalation through the mouth, as if to blow dandelion fluff.

Exercises for breathing exercises Train.

Walking, making alternating hand movements and saying “Choo-Choo-Choo”.

At certain intervals of time, you can stop and say “Tu – tuuu”.

Exercises for breathing exercises to Grow big.

IE: standing straight with feet together.

Hands up, good stretch, rise on the toes inhale, put your hands down, get down on all foot – exhale.

On the exhale say “u-h-h-h!” or “ha!” Exercises for breathing exercises Geese.

A slow walk.

On the breath – hands up to the sides, exhale – lower down pronounce the long sound of “g-u-u-u”.

Exercises for breathing exercises Throw the ball.

IE: standing, hands holding the ball up.

Throw the ball from your chest forward, exhale long “u-x-x-x”.

In working with preschool children breathing exercises can be used in various critical moments: In the classroom, improving character;

As part of athletic training or certain breathing exercises for physical education and music classes after exercise;

In morning gymnastics;

After Jogging;

After a day of sleep in combination with physical exercise;

In working with preschool children breathing exercises can be used in various critical moments: In tempering events;

Classes logarithmic;

In any motor activity of children (between mobile and sports games on the walk depending on the situation, time of year, condition of the children);

In the home.

At first, the breathing exercises seem to be the children of some of the most complex.

And the more important it is to help children, turning boring

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