Chinese gymnastics tai Chi.

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi. Ancient Chinese therapeutic exercises. Description of the exercises

Every person in varying degrees, are concerned about their health. The majority of people to normalize the activity of the organism and prevention of excess weight using diet or do Pilates. However, not everyone can withstand such loads constantly. Out of this ambiguous situation has one – Chinese gymnastics tai Chi. This ancient non-traditional medical discipline has helped people to recover from serious illnesses and deal with old age for centuries.

General concepts

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is an exercise program that does not require a huge effort and special training. It is based on three criteria: the grace of dance, health system and combat technique. Every component is in perfect harmony with the others. Due to this effect achieved unity with the surrounding world.

Tai Chi teaches the human mind interact with the body through full contact. Every movement of his hands and body that occur during exercise, visualized and controlled by the mind. Due to this concentration of the body reaches its maximum. Tai-Chi distance from the pressing problems than it has a powerful healing effect on the nervous system. It is believed that this gymnastics originated in Ancient China during the reign of Fu zi. The Emperor ordered the Yin Ganya to come up with a great dance that could heal the sick, and would be capable of ordinary people. In the end, the wise man invented a set of exercises, consisting of smooth moves and fighting stances.

Who Chinese gymnastics

The exercises of tai Chi is allowed to each person, despite his age. In China, people are doing this exercise in the fresh air at dawn. It is believed that due to this the country is so high lifespan. In Russia and throughout the world there are thousands of special schools in which you learn to synchronize your breath and perform a soft motion, simulating various forms.

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi gives fruit only over time, so do not expect instant results. Toning effect will come only after a few sets of exercises. In China it is believed that such classes are more suitable for older people because they have no opportunity to go to the gym, Jogging or follow diets. Besides gymnastics helps to improve flexibility, normalize the activity of internal organs, reduce pressure and calm the nerves.

The benefits of tai Chi

The effects of the Chinese gymnastics on the body cannot be overemphasized. Regular exercise enhances joint flexibility, strengthen the Central nervous system, improve immunity, activate the hidden parts of the brain, improving coordination, normalize the functioning of the heart and intestines. Multiple studies have shown that the Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is extremely effective in the fight against osteoporosis. This amazing effect is achieved thanks to an elaborate slow movements. Scientists believe that constant training reduce the risk of colds to a minimum and contribute to the strengthening of muscle tissue. Many doctors recommend such gymnastic exercises during rehabilitation after fractures.

Health benefits for injuries

Any master of tai Chi will say that paramount gymnastics is balance. It is this capacity and in life is the key to health. Tai Chi justly recommended just for older people who often lose their coordination and fall down, get fractures of varying degrees.

Psychological and physical effects

Important nuances

Where to start

Tai Chi can be done on any surface, as long as it was not slippery. The shoes should be a thin rubber or leather soles. Allowed normal socks but with reinforced foot. On the soft grass you can do barefoot if the ground’s not cold and no wind. Clothing – free, easy to not stifle the movement.

Exercises for beginners

Tai Chi for beginners boils down to three main rules:

1. Any movement is performed slowly and smoothly.

2. All the focus is directed to your own body.

3. Should breathe freely and evenly. The basis of tai Chi for beginners is the movement ’s a Waterfall of freshness” and “Google”. The first exercise is performed on bent feet shoulder width apart. Arms out, head tilted forward. Slowly bend down to the shoulders, then the body. The muscles should not be stretched. The movement follows the flow of water. When he reached the maximum tilt, slowly return to starting position.

During the exercise “Circles on the water” one hand is placed on the lower back, the other – on your belly. Basin are flowing spins in a circle, then to the sides.

A set of basic movements

In tai Chi description of the exercises is to visualize a specific shape and subsequent imitation of its projection body and hands. Each series of movements should be performed 4-6 times per lesson in any order. In tai Chi exercises are carried out only with the legs bent. “Immersion in Chi” is the main movement in the Chinese gymnastics. After a deep breath the arms are raised to shoulder level, then slowly straightened in front of him.

Exercise «Horse mane” is alternately simultaneous making and right and left leg and arm forward.

Movement “to Embrace the moon” is reduced to improvised circumference of an imaginary sphere. To do this, the arms are bent over her head. The feet should describe the same circle.

To practice “Throw” to make a slow lunge back, then forward, while bending the left arm at the elbow to the level of the forehead. Feet never leave the ground. The right hand turns palm down on the exhale.

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