Exercises for the office

Exercises for the office

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Many people fitness is just not enough time for this. This article is offered “office exercises” for a week. If you overpower them – it will be the start of building good physical shape.

In the office spend most of our lives. Typically, this is a sedentary job. We can sit eight and sometimes nine hours at the computer. But, probably, it is possible to allocate only a couple of minutes to do them.

Offers simple exercises for the office . you can perform on the job. Just in time for the lunch break you can slightly stretch your muscles.

Monday in the office.

Exercises to ratmate waist, back, and side muscles.

You are required to: leaning on the seat to stretch your legs, put on heels. Further if you hang in different directions, tilts forward and back. Condition: the back straight. Because sedentary work harms the body. It’s not just about Zatecka legs and sageretia back. As a result, may appear severe headaches (due to the fact that the flow of blood to the brain is hampered), “female trouble” (the reason is the stagnation of blood in the pelvis), diseases of the joints.

Tuesday in the office.

We offer yoga, just be sure first that no colleagues around, and you can cause them a shock.

Here is a helpful tip: if you buy yourself a Mat under the mouse with an orthopedic pad – your hand will be less tired, not going to go numb and numb fingers. Besides useful to the following exercise: preheat tired, fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

For this work his fists, clenching and unclenching them, try as hard as possible to rastafarai fingers. Extend your arms in front of him, doing exercise, “eight”, you can then stretch your arms forward and rotate them, bending at the elbows (repeat about 10 times in each direction).

Do not forget about the eyes. Recommended every two to three hours to do a 15 minute break. You can do the following exercises: look left, right, then up, down. It is also useful to “draw” the shapes of the eyes in the air. You can also start something to consider, take, for example, car or some object on the table.

Wednesday in the office.

If you have a sedentary work develops slouch offered to fight with her.

We offer exercise for developing the shoulders. Sitting exactly also straighten the back. Make 20 movements of the shoulders up and down. Roll shoulders forward 10 times – ago.

Also, you can try to lean back in his chair, to relax, then put your hands behind your head and rotten back in the shoulder blade area as much as possible, hold this position, then relax again. The following exercise requires you to stand, to put my hands into the lock and carefully pulled keeping the blades. As the conclusion to hug herself.

Thursday in the office.

Knead the neck, vertebrae and muscles. To do this, push the left hand on the left cheek so that the voltage formed, and stay in that position for a few seconds. You can relax. Do the same with right side. Repeat everything 3-4 times. After, put your elbow on the table and push head on her arms (5 seconds). After relaxation, repeat the procedure 5 times.

You can also do simple circular movements of the head. But this is permitted only if you’ve never jumped out of the vertebrae. Also if you feel that the movement bringing pain, don’t do them. Head gently from one side to another without any difficulty.

As you can see, a simple exercise you can do in the office, and it will not hinder the process. Just need to find a place to practice, and opponent or partner for your workouts.

Friday in the office.

As you know one of the problems of a strong half of society is a beer belly. And Friday is the perfect day to withdraw from a beer on a collective holiday, or from going for a beer with friends. All in order to devote time to exercise. So, let’s begin to exercise in order to pump up the muscles of the abdomen.

What do I need? Just move back from the table, preferably sit on the edge of the chair and do the following: pull the foot forward and begin to lift the knees up to the abdomen. Repeat 10 times for each leg. It is also useful to periodically stretch the stomach and buttocks. Just try not to detain during this breath.

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