Fitness is a lifestyle”

“Fitness is a lifestyle”

And not a trivial loss, as many people think, I’m sure the owner of the fitness club “swallowtail” Nellie Vagina, especially because one of the meanings of the verb “to lose weight” – “to become poorer, poorer, become weakened. But fitness is health, youth, beauty, and harmony.

Recently in the “Swallowtail” is nowhere to fall to Apple: flexible and graceful beauties flit from one room to another, to become more beautiful, slimmer and more attractive. And rightly so: the succession of spring holidays approaching beach season, the holidays – every woman at any age I

want to be proud of their figure, subconsciously remembering the expression that men love with their eyes.

– We go to the center and girls, and girls and women, ” says Nellie. – Although it may be difficult for some ladies to determine the age, a lot depends on the power of the spirit, result orientation, innate charm and optimism. But in any case – well done! I’m not only the owner of the club, but also a certified fitness instructor, I conduct strength training (strength, interval, Express training, step-aerobics classes at core and back, callanetics and many others). They allow you to adjust the weight and correct the heart, but most importantly, regular exercise contribute to the production of happiness hormones – endorphins – and guarantee a good mood. And this is the main point in our business – with soul, passion and joy to achieve goals. Many clients of “Swallowtail” visible great results: they get 5-10 extra pounds, look younger, more graceful, energizing, increases stress resistance and endurance.

– Great benefit to the mind and body is yoga – enters the conversation, the yoga instructor, yogalates, Pilates and Latin dance Maria kopyova. Yoga helps to forget for a long time women of old age, she has youth, beauty, the health of the spine and muscle mass, relieves psychological rubbish, insomnia, many diseases and chronic ailments makes it sluggish. Changing the appearance, the internal state, attitudes, develop a calm, balanced and positive view of the world. In class we are doing Hatha yoga and pranayama (learning to breathe). In my memory there were cases when using yoga passed hypertension, left climax and came again critical days, the woman found a second youth and characteristic of his youth, stamina and strength were achieved balance and in the gym and in life. Well, Latin dances and fitball is an excellent cardio workout, mood enhancement, stress relief and lasting correction of the figure.

– Also in “Swallowtail” instructor Yuliya Krylova lead belly dancing in children and adults, – re-enter the conversation Nellie Vagina. – Pictures of “the East” is amazing: dance enhance the feminine energy, improve plasticity, develop terrific mobility, help to get rid of gynecological diseases. The woman begins to love yourself, to know your worth, it is capable for its breath-taking gestures to light any man.

Also Nellie Vagina emphasized that the fitness club “swallowtail” brings together not only on weekdays but also on holidays. Already had the tradition – together to celebrate the New year and international women’s day on 8 March. And it’s also a positive thing in the life of the club when clients don’t just lie side by side on the mats during training, but also getting to know each other, socialize outside of the club, know the families, children and the place of work, exchange contacts.

These days in the fitness center Mahaon especially noisy. There comes a time to amaze men with her beauty. We wish the beauties of great success in this field and ideal figures, which would be envied even centerfolds.

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