Fitness motivation.

Fitness motivation. How to start and do not quit?

How it usually happens? At first you are full of zeal, as all these smiling in commercials pitching fitness centers, enthusiastically select sportswear and briskly sent to the hall, asking the coach to advise the «killer» load, even willing to follow a diet to the effect manifested itself as quickly as possible…

But it takes a week, two, month – and enthusiasm magically disappear or at least greatly reduced. You feel sorry for the time wasted, sorry for the money, you feel tired, and most importantly, you don’t see-so-impressive

results. The whole idea begins to seem stupid and pointless, but you still continue to do more out of stubbornness than optional. And then tucks some convenient excuse: for example, you have a cold, or come holiday time, or schedule at work is changing, and you lightly throw to do, because now you have a perfectly acceptable excuse for themselves and for others.

So ingloriously – ends most attempts «to take for themselves». True, there are more dire choices: for example, the person reading dozens of articles, builds Napoleonic plans, enquiring, promises to myself «begin Monday», but time and again lays the practical execution of his plan. In this case, excuses and pretexts more sophisticated: planning gives a person the feeling that he’s cautious and wants first, all right to think that he is definitely here-here will start implementation. But really it’s just self-deception: this person just lulls himself with the thought that he has everything under control.

Why is this happening?

Answers to this question a few – and none of them you won’t like. Sometimes, of course, that regularly engage in person interfere with real obstacles and challenges, but it is rather uncommon: to allocate the proverbial hour 3-4 times a week is possible practically in any, even the most dense, the chart. In most cases, come into play the following reasons :

Banal laziness. You just don’t want to hang in the gym, you don’t see enough profit in it – enough to make you slid off the couch and went for a run.

The fear of exiting the comfort zone. Even more common reason. If you have never really engaged in fitness, to start psychologically difficult: you need to wear stupid (in your opinion) form, which is ugly bristling on your body, and go to the gym, which is full of beautiful and neat (again, in your opinion) people and evil trainer with a whip in his hand. The horror! This is a serious test for instinctive desire to remain in one’s comfort zone.

The prioritization. Each person in the minds of all the actions that he commits, systematized in accordance with the prioritization: here it is (work, children, cook dinner) it is important, and this ” shopping, leisure, new movie) – not very. If you mentally take your fitness to the category of «very important» or «not important», in any conflict of priorities: «Cook dinner or wrapped in a fitness centre?» fitness lose. And since such conflicts will arise very often, there will always be something to be more important than fitness, and you will not be able to practice regularly.

The lack of proper motivation. Originally selected as a motivation is the reason that you go to the gym and General exercise, may be unsuccessful, temporary, fading. In this case, you will not last long: as soon as the cause ceases to have effect, you drop classes.

Motivation «» «wrong»

Wrong motivation is the reasons that if you and force you to do fitness, we are short-lived or lead you in the wrong direction. This motivation is a very common phenomenon. Examples:

– «in a month I’m getting married, have to lose three kg and is perfect to pump up the press to dress to look stunning». Most likely, fitness will be abandoned for lack of time (wedding worries), and all the more abandoned after the wedding. Effect? Zero.

– «Her ex looks like a real Jock. I have a pump, so as not to lose from comparisons with him». After a dozen passionate protestations that love him and such, kanakakunnu, people will throw lessons. And just throw after separation.

– «of this weight I don’t get a good job, fat people do not take on a prestigious position». People are getting jobs and making in the next weeks? Correct: gets rid of the boring fitness! Since the problem is made.

A common symptom of all «wrong» motivation is thrust outward into the environment. The person begins to engage in fitness, because this motivates the outside world – people, clothing, work, anything. In contrast, the right motivation is directed inside: one begins and continues to engage in fitness for yourself, does not tie it to any third-party events or people. Examples:

– «I will do to be healthier, less sick, to be more hardy».

– «I want to be slim and fit, because only with such a body I feel comfortable and easy».

– «I Want to Mature years, to remain agile, to have a healthy spine, to be strong. Don’t want to pension a physical wreck. I will do this».

This motivation is relevant to the lifelong: in this case the person is engaged for himself. for the sake of its present and future. Nothing can unsettle him, to convince that, they say, his fitness is not needed.

How to start studying?

Cannot resolve macro, as no renderers were found. [PAR-Q|Questionnaire on physiological readiness for physical activity|Test, it is recommended to fill the American College of sports medicine, as least to check the validity to physical exercise.The test is designed for people aged 18 to 69 years. If your age of 69 years and you do not regularly exercise, you need to consult your doctor before scheduling physical activity] In the first place, you need to stop stalling and put off until tomorrow, build grandiose plans. If you are healthy, then you are by definition ready for classes, because fitness is not just a movement. What could be more natural for any person? Do that which is necessary. find the fitness centre, trainer, tell your doctor if you have health problems, and go! Planning has not been canceled, but in order to decide how and when you will be doing, you need a couple of free evenings, not to delay the implementation of the plan for months. Besides, few people here are so judgemental and immediately «hits the bull’s-eye»: you may have to work out several kinds of fitness, to try and exercise equipment, and Jogging, and weight machines and group programs – and only after that you choose something that is suitable. There is nothing wrong: just show persistence and patience.

How not to throw a class?

Your main point of support – your motivation (if it is correct, of course). As soon as your determination is waning, remember WHY you started, WHY you need it WHY you spend time and possibly money on it. This is the first. Second – to promote the priority of fitness and all sports. Work, family, anniversaries, meetings are important, but your health and your goals are no less important! This does not mean you have to put fitness at the forefront and even during the day when you, for example, the wife gives birth. Just don’t let yourself use a «urgent» cases as a pretext to abandon the fitness. Meeting with friends, you can move a little bit in the schedule, prepare dinner and can «fast» semi-finished products sometimes, to take the child out of kindergarten can be charged to the grandmother. Most of such situations it is possible to do something, just decide for yourself that training is important, it’s not something you can undo, even without thinking about the options.

And another thing: always maintain an interest in physical exercise. What’s interesting, never get bored. If you feel that you started to get bored during the lessons on the simulator, change the trainer, make it a habit in the process of looking, for example, any vigorous series. Sometimes add in my usual program, new exercises, try something new, look in the master classes of famous coaches – they can always learn something useful. And communicate with people who share your interests, who are passionate about fitness, lead a healthy lifestyle: the influence of the environment has not been canceled!

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