Healthy rules of fitness

Rule # 1.

Don’t forget to drink water

The more we train, the more water you should drink. Why? Water – main regulator of body temperature and heart rate.

An hour intensive sessions can lose 1 liter of water, especially “squeeze” water activities such as interval training or Kibo, when a person is sweating heavily and it seems that you nothing.

When you are dehydrated you can feel fatigue or cramps.

For 2-30 minutes before class, you must drink a 250ml glass of water. During your lessons you need to drink a glass every 15 minutes, and drink a glass of water 30 minutes after your workout.

Wrong action: ‘m just surprised by people who after training run to be weighed to see how much they have lost weight. In fact, the scales show the amount of wasted water. This is the number of the necks should fill!

And about scales better to forget. At one and the same weight can be “amoeba” and “super-taut”.

You need to be very careful with the drinks-energy drinks, if your goal – losing weight, then they are best avoided.

Rule # 2

Meals and again before and after training

You need to eat before and after fitness training. Before a workout for an hour or two it is better to eat proteins and complex carbohydrates that take a long time to digest.

Suit and a sandwich with cheese and whole grain bread. If you are early in the morning, you drink at least a glass of juice. Sports on an empty stomach today is not welcome.

Studies have shown that half an hour after classes ended, the body needs carbohydrates and proteins. It requires energy for muscle recovery and muscle building.

Immediately after exercise the body needs a little snack, and within 1-2 hours you can eat well.

Rule # 3

Trained heart

What people come up with to avoid stress on the heart muscle: “I Hate the treadmill!”

Despite this healthy heart is impossible without cardio loads 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes

Such exercises help to burn more calories and exercise the heart. And if you have good health, then the intensity of this exercise can be very high.

Rule # 4

Don’t forget about the power

With age we lose muscle mass and replenish moisture loss — a matter of Prime necessity. Exercises with the weights 2-3 times a week is necessary.

Why? ” you ask.

Regardless of whether you work with dumbbells, expander or crunches, large muscle mass generally gives a higher level of metabolism. so you’ll burn more calories even when resting.

Your body will become more slim and toned, and most importantly — will change the ratio of fat and muscle mass in the body. Strength exercises will help to reduce body fat (including the abdomen), which often become a cause of cardiovascular disease.

Rule # 5

Regularly change the program

If you are on the same program for months, then one day all of the improvements will stop.

To avoid this, you must bring to class a little “disorder”. The body gets used to the load, so it is necessary from time to time to change the fitness program — fully or partially.

While working on weights, try increasing the number of sets or weight. As for cardio narmak – gradually increase the duration and intensity. If you had sex all the time on the treadmill, go on the elliptical trainer or an exercise bike. stepper.

Rule # 6.

Stretch after class

Stretching is very important for several reasons: it improves circulation, increases flexibility of muscles, helps to combat stress. Classes it is useful to start with a light load, warming the muscles. Stretch cold muscles is strictly prohibited.

These exercises should only be performed at the end of practice. Stretching soothes and enjoy what I take from all fitness!

Rule # 7.

Remember about proteins

Proteins — the main building block of our muscles, they are broken down in the body and used for muscle recovery after exercise.

Interesting fact – you become stronger not during, and after school. From physical exertion the muscles wear out and rebound within 24-36 hours after the workout, that’s why it’s so important to replenish the body’s reserves of protein.

If you are doing all the time, make sure that each meals in your diet proteins were. They are absorbed slowly, and the feeling of satiety lasts a long time.

The portion of meat should not be larger than a deck of cards.

It is very important to combine different proteins of vegetable and animal origin, as they are different in composition and do not replace each other.

A good solution for dealing with fitness — a food additive in the form of whey protein. He has high indicators on the scale of biological value (which determines how the body metabolizes a particular product).

A protein shake with fruit is a good way to recover quickly after a fitness workout.

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