How to build muscle.

How to build muscle. Mass, force, weight. Program for building muscle mass. Muscle recovery after a workout. The difference between circuit training for weight loss and for building muscle.

Why at one and the same program of training of a bodybuilder and «clean» the athlete will have a different end result?

Now to get a training program for bodybuilders is not difficult. These programs are full of all kulturistika magazines and books. But here’s something little use of these training facilities for training people who

don’t use steroids.

Fortunately now many athletes and fans understand the detrimental effects of anabolic steroids on the body.

Nice to see that gyms are becoming increasingly popular.

It is clear that if successful, gaining lean muscle mass . you need to follow a few rules of training.

Here are the rules:

1. Technics of performance of exercises (Exercises in the main base )

2. Systematization of training. You need to have suitable for you a set of exercises and to train on a system this complex. What followed the system, you must keep a training diary.

4. Proper rest between workouts. Again competently painted set of exercises includes the necessary days for rest (recovery).

By following these rules, you will be able to get from school the maximum result.

Let us examine one of the provisions of these rules. Namely, the proper set of exercises. This point is of concern to all newcomers to the gym.

Typically, a training program beginners write off of kulturistika magazines or they are the instructor of fitness centers.

The instructors themselves do, and very often they are to the success of training they use anabolics .

If the instructor looks a lot more muscular than just a strong man, so he’s a chemist. And of course he will write kulturystyczne program for the beginner.

But he will not say that doing this program to progress you need to use anabolics. And that “achemistry man five times stronger and tougher than regular «clean» athlete.And the newcomer gets obviously very difficult training program.

If you are in the complex, one training day, more than five exercises.

So this is kulturistika training program. Starting to engage people not get tired on a regular.

And usually having been occupied for two months, most of the cast training. Throw due to the fact that there is a very strong stress on the body.

The student is very tired in training, increases fatigue, and the body can not stand.

Again, in bodybuilders using anabolic steroids, the performance is much more they can per workout perform 10 – 15 exercises in each of the five approaches.

Their training can last more than two hours.

The person not taking anabolics for muscle . in the gym you need to do no more than one hour . To perform not more than three exercises. Of which the one base.

• As we did in the 80s.

In the distant eighties bodybuilding in our country’s infancy. And about the steroids was known to only few. Worked on all kulturystyczne complexes. And it was not clear why some athletes are progressing, gaining lean muscle mass.

And others do the same, but muscle mass is not only not growing. On the contrary, people lost weight. Then, when they are taking steroids learned everything. It became clear, why do some people gain weight and others lose weight.

But in those years, no allowances for clean athletes. Now, these training programs exist. And we checked them myself. The results are incredible.

Athletes are progressing very well, raising large weight. While not using steroids.

Only sports nutrition and dietary supplements. And muscle mass grows by leaps and bounds.

Just progressing clean athletes slower. What you will achieve bodybuilder for three months of training, a clean athlete reaches for half a year – year.

But it will be quality muscle .

If a bodybuilder will no longer do, then all the results will plummet.

If you stop do not achemistry the athlete, his muscle will be strong for many years. And for the body benefit.

• Briefly the essence of the exercise for building muscle without using chemicals.

Such training are fundamentally different from training bodybuilder. You need to choose the most effective exercises.

If for some reason you can’t do these exercises, you can replace them with other basic exercises. deadlift can be replaced with pull-UPS. squats on the leg press lying and the bench press for dips. And you can add to these twisting exercises.

And that would grow the strength and mass you need to do as little as possible time, it is well to give everything in training.

Namely, to do just one or two basic exercises per workout. And that’s it.

A bit of theory

• Muscles recover from seven to ten days.

Method one exercise.

Let us examine our formula for any basic exercise. Hope you already know what basic exercises and what is isolated exercises .

And interestingly this formula training is suitable even for isolated exercises, such ekskluzivni. lifting barbells for biceps, etc.

What is this formula? How to increase the working weight.

It’s very simple. One exercise you need to do only twice a week.

First time strength training. The objective of this exercise destroy muscle fibers. Only collapsing, the muscle fiber is able to support the recovery.

The second workout is done in a day (or two) after the first. And it is not on the destruction of the muscles, and promotes rapid recovery. The second workout is easy.

• As regenerate muscle fibers?

After proper training, getting the right load, ruined muscle fiber is recovered within 5 days. And on the 7 th – 10 th day, the muscle goes into a stage of supercompensation.

That is, on the seventh day it becomes stronger than usual. And on this day it is best to conduct training. On this day you will do the exercise for a few reps more. This will be progress.

• Why do we need a light training? (light training is done only when your working weight exceeded 100 kg.)

A day (or two) after a hard workout, which ruined muscle fibers. You need to hold a light workout for the same exercise. Such training is done in a certain weight from working and need for fresh blood to the muscles.

It does not destroy the fiber, but rather increases the metabolism in the muscle. Checked empirically — a light training works when your weight is 100 kg and more.

Light exercise for that muscle, on the seventh day of supercompensation became even more massive and stronger.

Let us examine the above with a concrete example.

This scheme provides guy. For about six months. His name is Alex. He is very satisfied with my results: squat 200kg, bench press 150kg, Stanovaya 200kg.

And it is quite achievable results. It’s all in the training system.

Exercise for building muscle without steroids.

How to select working weight.

All new exercises start with only two approaches. And as the addiction to it add the remaining approaches.

The meaning of the next workout. Heavy option exercise destroys muscle fibers. And after that muscles are restored to 5 days. And on day 7 going on stage supercompensation. The muscles on this day at the peak of his powers. Therefore it is necessary to spend again a heavy workout.

And the next day after a hard workout you need to hold a light workout. With less weight it strictly is calculated from the weight of heavy workout. This workout destroys muscle, and contributes to the enrichment of the muscles by the blood and as a consequence enriches their nutrients.

Thanks to the easy training the muscles on the seventh day, will become even stronger. Here’s the moment «catch» for a hard workout. after 8-10 days supercompensate passes. And muscle comes to normal.

This option can be used for any basic exercises. pullups, dips, etc.

You do not need to do any similar isolated exercises on the “finishing moves”.

In one training day carry only one heavy basic exercise and if you want the easy option of the other basic exercises. And that’s it.

The progress obtained in each session. If you’re even one REP did more than last heavy workout, so there is progress.

In no case do not make the approaches to failure. Not sure if that will raise or not, feel free to put the barbell on the rack.

• Workouts for weight loss. Without the use of chemicals..

What would you need to lose weight, increase exercise. In one drill to do 4 to 5 exercises.

And you can take kulturystyczne complex consisting of 10 to 12 exercises.

Then the relief and the weight loss will be guaranteed. And the best way to lose weight it. The increase in training days a week.

That is, it is best to do 5 times a week (need to move gradually to this level).

Three times a week weight training, and alternated twice a week aerobics or Jogging on the track (shown in the article: how to start training on a treadmill, that would not throw in two weeks).

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