How to choose a home Rowing machine

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How to choose a home Rowing machine

Rowing machines is inherently traditional cardio machines, which are used for strength training. Unlike other more common simulators, for example, a treadmill, a stepper is that they are not so popular. The main reason for this is the dimensions. But, despite this, the rowing machine is very effective in training. They allow for a full workout, and also increase the stamina of your body. Especially they develop the force of arms and back. Many experts argue that they have a good effect on the respiratory

system, and however, and on cardiovascular.

Exercises on rowing machines that simulate rowing, according to the observations of experts, more efficient than Jogging. Less load is on the knee joints and ligaments of the legs, so they are less traumatic.

What is a rowing machine?

Rowing machines consist of following parts: seat, handlebars, frame and flywheel. The flywheel and crank are connected by a small rope. With this cable it works. People at first gently to lie down on the seat, then pushed the legs, stretches the back and shoulders, and then returns to its original position. This work, simulating rowing, gives a feeling full of walks on the water. There are models that are equipped with THERMOVENTILATED, with it the illusion of wind ensured.

Types of rowing machines

Rowing machines are divided into: mechanical and magnetic.

Mechanical simulators

are small functionality, respectively, the price of them below. The load is controlled by a hydraulic rollers that are filled with water. Power pressure regulates itself.

Magnetic trainers

Have more advantages than mechanical. Each level/load level, the practitioner adjusts independently. Using a magnetic counter, move go smoothly, evenly. Muscles are well worked, the quality of training improves.

Rowing machines mainly electrical. But there is a more practical model simulators. They do without electricity, as the kit includes alternator. Also there are models with built-in microcomputer, control panel and biosensors. The only way to safely start training and keep under control your heartbeat.

The user has the ability to program the mode, which, on the recommendations of doctors will bring better health. In addition, the trainee can save the results of your workouts on the computer and see the result, to work on improvements.

Choosing a trainer for your home

Choosing a rowing machine for home, it should be guided by certain factors:

1. First you need to ask about the size of the simulator. They have quite different shapes, patterns and dimensions are also different. If you have a small square footage, it is better to confine uncomplicated and compact examples of simulators that can be folded in the cupboard or pantry. Of course, can be folded and bulky samples rocking. But in the hours of training they will occupy a much larger area due to the additions which they are equipped.

2. You must remember and consider the fact that the length of the simulator should be correlated with the growth of man, which it will do. If the simulator will not one person, it is best to take into account the growth of all (calculated average).

3. It is also important to choose the right size of an emphasis for feet. Wrong choice – and the training will be unpleasant and, accordingly, will not benefit.

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