How to choose a treadmill for the house

Choosing a treadmill for home

Treadmill – excellent cardio workout, which is easy to do at home, because it does not require any special skills and is almost universal: Jogging or walking at a pace maybe as a small child and an elderly man.

To classes on the treadmill gives You pleasure, her choice should be approached consciously. Also useful to know what the most common mistakes when training on a treadmill. in order to avoid them.

I hope that these tips will help you make the right decision.

Types of treadmills.

All treadmills are divided into two types: mechanical and electrical. They differ in the principle of rotation of the blade.

Mechanical treadmill involves the rotation of the blade solely through their own efforts, i.e. the rotation of the blade immediately stops as soon as You stop, your running speed when you do this depends on You. Thus, the mechanical treadmill maximum close to Jogging in vivo.

Another advantage of this simulator is its compactness: the lack of the electric motor significantly reduces weight and facilitates transportation. And the price is mechanical treadmill is significantly less.

Let us note another point: it is better to stay on a mechanical treadmill with magnetic stroke – they have a more smooth running belt. Doing the same on a conventional mechanical track, You’ll often feel the jerks, which moves the canvas.

The main disadvantages of this type of tracks is that not everyone likes arising during employment additional load on the legs. Not suitable mechanical track and if you have problems with knee joints, varicose veins, etc.

A set of additional options mechanical treadmill is quite simple: as a rule, the display displays the data on heart rate, speed, total workout time, distance travelled and calories burned. If such a set is enough for You, then you can safely recommend this option.

In case You would like to have on your home trainer have any special programs, you should pay attention on electric treadmills .

As you might guess, electric treadmill is driven by an electric motor. Its capacity determines the maximum weight of a person engaged on such a simulator. Manufacturers often for the purpose of advertising indicate the peak power of the motor, but when buying always check exactly constant power, which can operate the simulator as a valid weight in these cases is significantly different.

Also think about it, where exactly are You going to set your simulator to determine its size. Remember that the smaller the leaf, the easier it is to lead the track in motion, however, and the less the maximum allowable weight.

Before buying an electric treadmill, it is important to formulate the basic requirements for additional programs that You intend to use. Remember that the number of built-in programs directly affect the price, so decide what You really need, and only then proceed to the selection.

After You determine the range of trainers with more or less the same parameters, the best solution would be electric treadmill with the highest constant power. If Your weight does not exceed 80 kg, is likely to be enough power 1.5 HP But the Golden rule here – the more powerful, the better.

We would like to dwell on this element of the treadmill, Jogging Polat O. In fact, it is a circular tape mounted on two shafts and rotating them.

What you should pay attention:

1) the Size of the canvas must be sufficient to ensure that You have a comfortable run. Too narrowly on the canvas of chances to stumble and get hurt, so consider your body type and your normal stride length. In most cases, the optimal ratio is the treadmill with 40 cm wide and about 125 cm in length. Buy too big a treadmill is impractical: in addition to the overpayment actually for the size of the simulator, You will have to pay and increased power consumption. Yes and due to its size, such a simulator can be very cumbersome for Your apartment.

2) the Quality of the fabric is also important, because it will account for the main load. The more layers it will have, the more reliable the simulator. Quite good, if the canvas will be bilateral – in this case, subsequently, it can be turned.

3) the Speed of rotation of the blade – another factor, which depends on Your needs. For example, the elderly rather than the slower pace, and a speed of 5 km/h may be sufficient. For trained athletes should consider canvas with a speed of at least 10 km/h.

4) load regulation. To increase the load during exercise on a treadmill can be due to the change in the angle of the blade. Come should first of features: on “advanced” tracks this can be done by pressing buttons on the control panel, in simpler embodiments, the angle will have to change manually.

And a few words about the actual control panel .

First of all, it must be accessible and intuitive. Baseline is on the control panel of any track.

However, electric treadmills have more features. Additional built-in programs can be useful if You want to achieve a particular purpose: for example, increasing stamina, reducing weight, etc. Such programs should be individually based on weight and age. There is another program that provides continuous heart rate during exercise – this is useful if You don’t want to watch it yourself. The number of such programs can be very different, so check with your Advisor the possibility of a specific simulator to understand what specifically You pay – after all, the more such programs, the higher the final cost of the simulator.

For electric treadmills you must double-check the presence of a security key on the control panel. The key is usually kept on a string, the edge of which is fastened at the waist. Then if You accidentally stumbled, he automatically pulled out and the rotation of the blade will stop.

And of course, whatever path You choose, be sure to ask about warranty and service centers. The best would be an option if the warranty will give the store where You are going to buy a treadmill – this is the most convenient.

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