How to choose an elliptical?

To have a home mini-gym is a dream of many women. You can start small – buy a dumbbell or ask my husband to do the horizontal bar. Someone decides on a more major purchase, buying an elliptical trainer for home workouts. This thing is not cheap, so don’t want to stumble upon a “pig in a poke.” But how to choose an elliptical trainer once and for all?

Types of simulators

First you need to understand, what are elliptical trainers.

According to the mechanism type of the load they may have different systems of resistance, namely:




Reviews about choosing elliptical trainer with an air resistance system claim that they do not provide smooth movements and thus, no pleasure during exercise cannot be and speeches. Models with magnetic resistance improved, but ask the load is necessary, each time stopping.

The lasttype – electromagnetic – considered the most advanced, as a trainer:


ensures perfect smoothness of movements;

equipped with measuring devices to monitor the pulse and pressure of the trainee;

allows you to adjust the angle of the pedals.

Of course, the simulator with electromagnetic resistance system and the cost will be more expensive. The magnetic models average price; air is the cheapest. Everyone decides for themselves, how to choose an elliptical trainer for home workouts.

Selection criteria

Choosing an elliptical trainer, also need to be guided by the following criteria:

The condition of the cardiovascular system. On allowable loads you should tell the cardiologist or sports therapist. Depending on the doctor’s recommendations you can pick up a simulator.

The level of physical training. It affects your overall health, as well as age, height and weight of the person.

Price. This criterion is sometimes the key, and sometimes complementary. But before you choose an elliptical trainer for home, it is better to calculate the finances and determine the amount you are willing to spend on a shell.

The compactness of the model. Of course, everyone is trying to pick up a small, but good elliptical trainer. But if the size of the apartment allows it, why not buy a solid shell. Subsequently, it can be resold in any fitness center.

The purpose of the purchase. If you are going to do every day, then you need a reliable trainer, able to withstand the load. For those who simply acquires the projectile, following sports fashion, you can choose a more modest design to the model, but very graceful in appearance.

Firms and brands

How to choose an elliptical trainer . if you already take into account all criteria and characteristics? We will rely on the brand. As the reputation of the manufacturer plays a role when selecting any unit, whether an elliptical trainer or a simple coffee grinder. It is especially important to consider the brand when buying a simulator not for himself, but for installing it in the sports complex. The attendance centre will depend on firms shells that are in the halls.

So, what brand elliptical trainers to choose?

Present to you the top best-selling in recent times brands:

Kettler. The most popular among Russian buyers simulator German production. Elliptical trainers Kettler compact, perfectly suited for home use. It is especially positive to speak about it people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

X-Trend. Manufacturer of equipment for professional use. But some models will also work. Design of simulators upgraded so that people could engage in absolutely calm and safe. In the manufacture of elliptical exercise machines X-Trend is used modern high quality plastic.

Smooth Fitness. Elliptical trainers of this company are relatively inexpensive, but they perfectly mimic a step forward and back, allowing you to engage in different modes. Models have a solid set of features, so everyone can choose the program at its discretion.

Body Craft is an American brand for the production of sports equipment. Elliptical trainers from Body Craft is great quality materials, careful monitoring of the product Assembly and safe operation for many years. It withstands even the most heavy load.

Johnson – another brainchild of American manufacturers. These simulators differ in the smooth running of the pedals, and their high-tech standards guarantee the stability and safety of operation.

So, believe that you already decided what to choose the brand of elliptical trainer. If not, the shop assistants will help you make the final choice.

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