How to do yoga during pregnancy

Precautions while practicing yoga.

In addition to the caution that should be observed when performing other exercises for pregnant women, when it comes to yoga, the following precautions:

A pregnant woman should not lie on your back because the weight of the baby can cause bleeding, especially from the fourth month of pregnancy.

To avoid falling at all costs. Beware, and if you think it’s very risky.

Changing the posture, take a break. Do yoga exercise slowly to prevent nausea, muscle cramps or sprains.

If pain occurs, stop the training immediately.

Keep your back straight, to facilitate breathing and to prevent pressure on the abdomen.

Pregnancy changes the center of gravity, especially in recent months when the belly tilts forward. If you need to balance yoga poses, do the exercise against a wall or chair to lean on.

Remember that the child needs space. You can wider to stretch the legs when you run some POS that belly easier.

The intensity of yoga is changing and can reach debilitating levels. Try to reduce the rhythm and focus on your breathing, flexibility and relaxation; not losing weight or burning calories. Long and deep breathing, practiced yoga, it is very useful during pregnancy. It is about to breathe his nose slowly and retain the air before expiration. The exhalation should be twice longer than the inhale. On the one hand, you will reduce the pressure inherent in pregnancy and on the other, you learn to breathe properly that would be good for the child.

Very well during pregnancy to do yoga in a cool place. Body temperature during exercise should not exceed 39°C.

You should drink enough water. You must have a good hydrational the body through exercise, especially during pregnancy.

Yoga poses that should not be performed during pregnancy:

Depending on the stage of pregnancy where the woman, some poses need to be modified to perform other very carefully, some not refuse:

To prevent exercises to work the abdominal muscles.

Some exercises require, change the rhythm of breathing. You should not hold your breath and don’t breathe too fast. It must be remembered that oxygen is supplied also to the child.

If you want to sit down, try to do it not using the hip and back.

To avoid poses that require too much stretching of the abdominal cavity.

Do not perform postures that are performed lying on your back.

After the first trimester (or earlier if you feel uncomfortable), you should not perform posture, lying on his stomach.

Yoga poses for pregnant women

There are types of yoga that are specifically designed for pregnant women that are usually taught in yoga centers, gymnasiums. If you will practice yoga in the sports centre, please comment on your instructor all the details associated with your pregnancy, for example: you have a elevated blood pressure, you often nauseous, a feeling of anxiety, etc. So he can pick up yoga exercises is necessary to you.

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