How to lose weight

How to lose weight?

You started the diet, the weight dropped and then got stuck. What would you do, weight will not decrease. With this face effect almost all. How to lose weight . What can you do?

Having made the decision to lose weight, we pull ourselves together, buy new sneakers, fridge filling dietary products. First, we are full of energy and desire, the weight drops off, so we already got rid of a few pounds and suddenly. We encounter the barrier, it is in the phase, when the weight does not change. Since that time, the scale stopped at the one

digit. As if we don’t train intensely and whatever we ate, it never moves in any way.

But if the weight does not go away . in this case, there is less motivation. Gradually sneakers had moved into the closet, the fridge is filled with delicacies, “harmful products”. just like old times. And kilograms? They begin to arrive, as a result, the weight becomes even higher than before the weight loss weight loss .

Unfortunately, this development faces the most, and that makes people lose weight.

What can you do? Here are some of the mistakes that lead to the stage of “barrier” and do not allow it to overcome.

Too strong motivation.

You announced to all relatives that are on a diet, start the morning with a walk and a run length of 10 km, sitting on a strict diet of water and lettuce, not touching food after 6 PM. Is it any good? Probably not. There is a surplus of motivation. It is impossible in one day transform from a couch potato into an athlete, from glutton – in the faster. The body protests against such sudden changes.

Successful diet is a lifestyle, not a short-term attack. Changes must be implemented gradually and moderately. So is healthier and better for the figure. And, most importantly, simpler and easier to stick to a new regime.

With this approach a temporary stop-loss is perceived as a small, manageable setback, and the tragedy that will force you to give up.

Too much information

On the one hand, knowledge is power. Understanding what happens in the body during the diet, helps to achieve success, but too much information will be more of a hindrance than an advantage. TV, press, Internet daily pour out on us the flow of information on the issue fashionable methods of losing weight weight loss .

Often the fact that yesterday was a panacea, is today recognized incorrect. More recently, nutritionists said that the most successful diet – fat-free, and now recognizes such carbohydrate-free. Previously not recommended to eat eggs, now they are declared enough and healthy food.

Blindly following each new innovation and rushing from one extreme to another, we confuse the body. And any stress on the body always reacts the same way – slows down the metabolism.

What is the solution? Need an individual approach. A diet that helps one person may be useless for another. You just have to consult a professional dietitian, who will choose the appropriate method.

Faith in money

We easily throw away money on the miracle trainer that promises to improve our physique in just 10 minutes of practice a day, “the fat solvents”, “capsules for weight loss and other funds advertised, promising easy and quick result. I will not argue that they are all useless. Among fashion innovations occur and are quite effective. But their results, as a rule, short-term and is not a substitute for hard work and time spent on a lifestyle change.

Many people are willing to spend money on fashionable things in the hope that they facilitate the parting with the extra weight. And actually he can begin to decline. But when the scales will freeze in one place, we begin to experience the disappointment and shock. It entails the rejection of further efforts.

Manage your money wisely. Better spend them on private consultations from a professional nutritionist and personal trainer who will help to develop a training program and not allowed to take time off from training.

So how can you lose weight?

Sport is my enemy?

Physical activity is a great addition to the diet. No doubt they play an important role in improving the health and weight loss. But it is important to avoid mistakes that can lead you to the “barrier”.

One of them is excessive zeal. When you practice to the point of exhaustion, you can earn injury, but also hurt the weight loss . After all, we already know that any stress slows the metabolism.

Another mistake was the lack of diversity. If the body gets used to a certain load, it begins to burn fewer calories. To boost metabolism, you need to alternate exercises. For example, power (dumbbells, exercise machines) with aerobic exercise ( swimming, running, walking). Good workout with intervals, during which a large load (for example, fast running) alternates with moderate (quiet walk).

From one extreme to another

Forget about ice cream, not to touch the chocolate, and the word “kebab” you can’t even say out loud. Do you think it will help to lose weight? Most likely it is not.

Successful diet is a lifestyle change, but not the rejection of life. If you eat right and avoid bad foods, sometimes you can take liberties. If you will sometimes pamper yourself with something tasty, then you will be much easier to stick to the rules in other days. And you shouldn’t feel bad. On the contrary, I must say “I believe in a healthy successful diet and therefore deserve a little reward.”

When a thoughtful choice, we better control our desires, increase self-esteem and suffer from the fact that something is denied. Because of this, we do not panic, when the weight on while stuck in place. No matter how you dreamed about easy weight loss weight reduction . we have to admit that an alternative to changing lifestyles there. This alone will lead to weight loss and will retain the results for a long time.

Want to lose weight? Just replace some other products!

Many nutritionists believe that in order to reduce weight, don’t need to starve. Enough to make a small change – and can eat almost any product. Here is what is recommended to replace:

ordinary bread diet;

yogurt with a fat content of 5 and 9% on yogurt with a fat content not higher than 3%;

the sauce with the cream to the tomato sauce;

lamb lean beef;

cheeses with a fat content of 28% and higher in cheeses with a fat content of 9%.

These recommendations will help you to lose weight . Lose weight to your health!

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