How to quit Smoking

How to quit Smoking

Ways to quit Smoking many. And quickly quit Smoking more moreover, almost every smoker, trying to quit Smoking crazes, supplements widely known or “branded” method of methods, techniques and practices. All for easy cast, facilitate this difficult period.

It is interesting that among quitters considerable percentage of people notes that almost most of the “horror stories” about the failure — fetched. Of course, there are those who for subjective reasons (low pain

threshold, chronic diseases, psychological and other) transfers the period of giving up cigarettes is difficult, even with “fragile”.

And yet, people really ready to quit, determined and has their own motivation and desire, go through a period of denial and adaptation is relatively easy. Advise, seminars Kiev . how to quit Smoking?

The most popular methods are “quick” methods. This, of course, the conditional name of the technique “all at once” is really working and has a good long-term results — not yet invented.

And Allen Carr, and pharmacological methods, and even coding require time, work on yourself and your desires, struggles with the urge to return.

And the most important condition of efficiency — conscious, private, sincere desire to quit Smoking. Not one family, not relevant to fashion or “policy of the party and government, and personal desire. Otherwise forward will leapfrog casts — returns — agony and again casts.

Allen Carr ” Easy way to quit Smoking”, audio, video options

Method Allen Carr “was published in 1985, when, summarizing your experience and try it on relatives, the carré wrote the book “Easy way to stop Smoking”, which became a bestseller, as well as some of his other books.

One of the most well-known methods. Many tried, many were able to quit Smoking . someone break — which, however, is quite expected: working 100% methodology.

Carr left behind a rich legacy, including a network of clinics Easyway — “the Easy way”, as well as video and audiopaste, lectures. His books have been translated into many languages, voiced, and specialists Easyway “Easy way to quit Smoking” was released in video format.

According to Carr, in order to successfully quit Smoking, don’t need willpower. Just need an honest and open self-analysis (and to be honest with oneself is not easy) and to believe that quitting Smoking does not entail any horrible, heavy, breaking life consequences.

The Smoking itself is not the responsibility of the investment or benefits, each subsequent cigarette simply takes a “break” from the previous one, without causing itself any positive emotions, sensations. The reason abstinence — in fear, people depend not from Smoking, but from fear of failure and its consequences.

If you overcome the fear of these (and largely in fact, far-fetched potential problems), then the failure will be easy and simple.

In the Karoo, there is a “nicotine trap, captured partly even sweet smoker who believes in his addiction and is afraid to begin to decline.

Interestingly, many Carr “is triggered after the second or third reading. This is due to the gradual penetration into the consciousness of the belief that Smoking is the essence of habit and fear of the “terrible” nicotine brittle.

The Tabex, Champix, Nicorette

From pharmacy drugs (again, stress is not an instantaneous action) is well proven Tabex — based alkaloid cytisine, Champix — active substance varenicline with complex mechanism of action, Nicorette patches, pills, gum, spray), containing nicotine. Their action is based on different principles, but all of these drugs:

underwent pharmacological studies;

checked clinical experience;

included in the register of medicines;

developed for them careful and detailed instructions.

It is important to understand: this is not a magic pill! Quit Smoking with them, too, requires desire, patience, the right attitudes.

The ability to enter the person into hypnosis, that is in such a state of consciousness when disconnected criticality and the ability to analyze their behavior and actions, is expensive. If they are, of course, owns not a quack self-taught, and the doctor, with understanding and, most importantly, the responsibility that is appropriate to the solution of those problems that you need to remove the hypnosis.

There are several techniques of hypnosis — classic, Ericksonian, hypnosis-self-hypnosis, Gypsy hypnosis. Their goal is thus to “relax” the human mind, reduce rigidity, to give and to consolidate the relevant instructions and guidelines.

By the way, very often these instructions erroneously referred to as “installations”. Actually, the installation in psychology are not associated with hypnotic suggestion, although both of these processes are unconscious.

Coding from Smoking quite popular treatment for many addictions. However, in most cases, the word “treatment” is better to take it in quotation marks. Filerecovery, verbosity, a lot of research and such, sometimes so entangled phrases that accompanies methods and techniques, like mushrooms after the rain piling up in the offices of psychologists.

To falsely claim that these are ALL methods cannot. Also, here comes the principle of ” in the struggle all means are good!”. There are people who encoding method helped, and there are many. And it’s great that the coding helped to make a dent in the faith in their own strength, fear of the consequences of Smoking cessation.

Start coding as a way of addiction treatment laid in the eighties, Alexander Dovzhenko, patented his “Method of treatment of chronic alcoholism, based on the creation of a “negative conditioned reflex to alcohol (patent SU 1165392 A).

His followers have developed their methods, adding their psychological, technical components, made certain adjustments to the basic technique, and then fully transformed method.

Coding can help — no one disputes this. For example, help to realize that Smoking is a bad habit, and desire — harmful. Another thing is that the method of care may be in doubt — at least for qualifications conductive.

It turns out that instant way to quit Smoking is not? Or it is, but a painful and merciless? Is it possible to throw quickly but effectively?

The strength of the human psyche, the somatics, the unconscious is not investigated yet enough to give a definite answer. No one can say why many people manage to quit Smoking on the go — woke up this morning, said that quit, and quit. Willpower? How could her so much to take. Maybe self-hypnosis?

Perhaps, but many say that not telling myself anything. Himself “ripe”? Maybe. Or something “clicked” in his head, goes the fear, came the understanding, coupled with a sincere desire and the body was in proper physical shape.

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