Why losing weight physical activity

What to choose? What to avoid?

So, if we decided that we will do what’s best? Here, for beginners, in the first place, the question of individual preferences and abilities. Some types of good simplicity and cheapness — a walk in the Park or stairs available to all, some species, on the contrary, a good exclusive — sessions with a personal trainer will help you without problems to get accustomed to the workout, and if they are paid six months in advance, they will be a pity to miss :). Unequivocally that any physical activity will bring a huge amount of the above-mentioned advantages, and much more important to choose what will surely be a part of your lifestyle, the kind that you will be

easier to stick to than calculating the difference between different types of activity, and then realize that the selected exercise regularly do not work..

However, as in the case of food, a lot of myths are associated with the choice Continue reading

Nordic walking

Nordic walking (walking with poles)

A new type of fitness – Nordic walking – is rapidly conquering the world. It is not known who first picked up the ski poles to walk. According to one version, the founders of this modern type of fitness became Finnish skiers. It appeared to be a few training sessions in the winter, and they began to walk in the summer, using ski poles to load the hands and the muscles of the upper torso. Those skiers who trained in the summer with the assistance of crutches, showed higher winter sports results. And those who ignored the summer training, was significantly inferior in performance to their more zealous colleagues.

This is one of the versions. Popular Nordic walking began in Europe in the 80-ies of the last century. Modern guru is considered Finn mark Cantana who first developed the semblance of instructions on the technique of Nordic walking. The work he published in 1997, and then by trial and error found the optimum design of sticks Continue reading

Fitness in the workplace
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How to choose a treadmill for the house
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Running in the dark
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