Five great ways to improve sports


Five great ways to improve sports performance and improve body composition using coffee

As you know, coffee consumption has many positive health effects. For example, it is associated with a decreased risk of death, development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. However, in addition to caffeinated coffee is also useful to improve athletic performance.

During controlled clinical studies have found that caffeine improved performance by 25 percent, which corresponds to approximately five to seven percent increase in reality, for example, in the competition. Coffee significantly speeds up recovery and enhances motivation to workout. Thus, most people can extract from coffee many Continue reading

Methodology for the development of special endurance

Methodology for the development of special endurance.

Due to the large diversity of species of special endurance to present them in the course of General theory possible. Therefore, we will examine the most important types of its manifestations associated with the mechanism of energy supply.

Main tasks: 1. Improved aerobic capacity by improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as an essential factor for increasing anaerobic performance.

2. Increase anaerobic capacity by improving alactate and lactate mechanisms of energy supply.

3. Improving physiological and psychological borders the body’s resistance to adverse shifts its internal environment caused by hard work.

Remedies: 1. The principal means of development of the special endurance are the so-called “target exercises” or “specific activity”. These terms are denoted exercise, in relation to which special endurance increases. So, in target sports are competitive Continue reading

Proper rest is a healthy body
Proper rest is a healthy body, or who lives in the water, the sand and the vegetables Summer is in full swing, and many of our readers are looking forward…

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1. The carelessness and imprudence. Note that most often the traumas our fault: not looked back, got distracted, did not what I wanted, was revealed. 2. Ignorance Of Safety .…

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Physical inactivity and its impact on the human body
Physical inactivity and its impact on the human body Dojlido A. I. Cand. honey. Sciences, associate Professor Komar, E. B., assistant The decline of physical activity in the conditions of…

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