Five great ways to improve sports


Five great ways to improve sports performance and improve body composition using coffee

As you know, coffee consumption has many positive health effects. For example, it is associated with a decreased risk of death, development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. However, in addition to caffeinated coffee is also useful to improve athletic performance.

During controlled clinical studies have found that caffeine improved performance by 25 percent, which corresponds to approximately five to seven percent increase in reality, for example, in the competition. Coffee significantly speeds up recovery and enhances motivation to workout. Thus, most people can extract from coffee many Continue reading

Losing weight on a treadmill

Losing weight on a treadmill

To lose weight is the dream of almost every girl. Ways to lose weight a lot, but in any case the basis of any method are dietary restrictions and increased physical activity.

Losing weight on a treadmill can be considered a sports method to reduce weight. Spent a while running, the calories will free your waist and hips from the extra inches. Physical activity, in addition, will contribute to the improvement of the body.

Running improves cardiac function, tissue sensitivity to insulin, lowers blood pressure, helps fight chronic stress. Reviews about treadmill weight loss more positive. But the majority of respondents suggest that you first work out in the fitness center, and only then purchase the equipment for personal use.

How to lose weight on a treadmill?

Losing Continue reading

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