Adaptation to stress in the physical body

for the discipline “Medical-biological problems of adaptation of human body to high muscular loads”

1. Functional reserves and limit the functionality of the human body.

2. Functional reserves of adaptation to different muscular work.

3. Manifestations of maladjustment in sports. Its causes and prevention.

4. Especially the adaptation of the CNS to various environmental factors and muscle loads.

5. Features of adaptation of cardiovascular system to various environmental factors and muscle loads.

6. Features of adaptation of the respiratory system to various environmental factors and muscle loads.

7. Especially the adaptation of humoral-hormonal system to various environmental factors and muscle loads.

8. Especially the adaptation of the female body for various muscular loads.

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How to lose weight

How to lose weight?

You started the diet, the weight dropped and then got stuck. What would you do, weight will not decrease. With this face effect almost all. How to lose weight . What can you do?

Having made the decision to lose weight, we pull ourselves together, buy new sneakers, fridge filling dietary products. First, we are full of energy and desire, the weight drops off, so we already got rid of a few pounds and suddenly. We encounter the barrier, it is in the phase, when the weight does not change. Since that time, the scale stopped at the one

digit. As if we don’t train intensely and whatever we ate, it never moves in any way.

But if the weight does not go away . in this case, there is less motivation. Gradually sneakers had moved into the closet, the fridge is filled with delicacies, “harmful products”. just like old times. And kilograms? They begin to arrive, as a result, the weight Continue reading

Observations show that the performance of physical work immediately after meals is not only not increased, and, conversely, inhibits digestive processes. The observed decrease (inhibition) in the secretion of digestive…

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How to do yoga during pregnancy
Precautions while practicing yoga. In addition to the caution that should be observed when performing other exercises for pregnant women, when it comes to yoga, the following precautions: A pregnant…

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Safe exercises for pregnancy
Safe exercises for pregnancy – 2nd trimester The second trimester of pregnancy, most women are exhausted by the exhaustion and morning sickness of the first trimester and part of the…

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