The benefits of swimming or bathing with health benefits

Polizia swimming

“Dear doctor! Of course, we all heard about the benefits of swimming . but last summer was dry and hot, we swam in summer camp only four times per shift. And then only for five minutes — no more. The doctor was not allowed, afraid that we’ll end up sick. But how can we from home do not get out of the river and not catch colds? Please tell us about your relation to bathing and swimming”.

I, as a doctor, about the benefits of swimming can say the following. Swimming strengthens and increases

metabolism, and therefore, contributes to the development of children and adolescents. Swimming superbly coached lungs; no wonder swimmers the biggest lung capacity — 6000-8000 cm3! The excellent swimming strengthens the heart and blood vessels, helps to maintain normal pressure . Swimming has a positive effect Continue reading

Running in the dark

Running in the dark

Now it gets dark early. Those who commit Jogging in the evenings, it is worth knowing a few rules, not to get under the car, not to slip and not catch a cold.

Running is a useful occupation. He trains the heart, strengthens blood vessels, burns extra calories. But not everyone has the time to run during the day, many prefer to do it in the evening in summer, this training is a pleasure: the street light and not hot. But with the change of season there are problems. We will tell you how to go Jogging in the dark.


Not necessary to run on the roadway. But if there’s no other way, then the clothes should be illuminated or retro-reflective strip, in order to be visible to those traveling by car or other form of transport.

With headphones or without?

Many fans enjoy Jogging headphones to listen to music, radio etc. it drives away the boredom. however, is fraught with danger, because the person can’t hear warning signals. Of course, it would be better to abandon the earphone Continue reading

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