Nordic walking

Nordic walking (walking with poles)

A new type of fitness – Nordic walking – is rapidly conquering the world. It is not known who first picked up the ski poles to walk. According to one version, the founders of this modern type of fitness became Finnish skiers. It appeared to be a few training sessions in the winter, and they began to walk in the summer, using ski poles to load the hands and the muscles of the upper torso. Those skiers who trained in the summer with the assistance of crutches, showed higher winter sports results. And those who ignored the summer training, was significantly inferior in performance to their more zealous colleagues.

This is one of the versions. Popular Nordic walking began in Europe in the 80-ies of the last century. Modern guru is considered Finn mark Cantana who first developed the semblance of instructions on the technique of Nordic walking. The work he published in 1997, and then by trial and error found the optimum design of sticks and patented the name under which the whole of Europe walks with sticks – “original Nordic walking” (English – original nordic walking).

The main advantage is simplicity and versatility. By and large, in order to walk with sticks, nothing but the desire, not need. This is the gym that is always with you. Nordic walking does not need special Jogging track, gym, stadium or the gym, do not need special clothes and shoes.

The Nordic walking equipment

The only equipment is a special stick. Here, we must admit, is not so simple. The Nordic walking poles need special. Their cost in stores may vary from 1000 to 2000 rubles apiece, and there are more expensive models. The choice of the sticks should be approached with great responsibility. They should match the growth, the loads that you expect to receive during the walk, the right condition, and may not be universal for all family members.

However, there are special telescopic universal model, which can be the gear for the whole family. There are such poles are more expensive, but you can go from one Walker to another. In many ways, the effectiveness of Nordic walking depends on the stick. Unlike conventional ski poles Nordic walking have a special lanyard – glove, with which the stick is attached to the brush. Thanks to the lanyard Nordic walking technique is unlike any other as it involved the muscles of the upper body. This number of muscles are not able to use any conventional ski poles or trekking poles.

The more load, the more reliable should be the stick. They contain a special light and heavy-duty material – carboplatin. The higher the content carboplatine, the greater the strength of the stick and, of course, its price.

The Nordic walking sticks are not sold in all sports stores as well as in our country this is a relatively new type of fitness. Therefore, at the initial stage you can use the usual ski poles. This distance will not give the full effect, which gives Nordic walking, however, will provide an opportunity to develop a taste for it and start to join the modern mind fitness.

The benefits of Nordic walking

Why Nordic walking has so many fans, how does it differ from ordinary walking without poles? During normal walking in humans work only the muscles of the lower body and nearly 40% of all muscles. During Nordic walking involved to 90 percent of the muscles, since the load on the arm and shoulder and pectoral girdle muscles is given great importance. And if you walk around with a smile, the number of working muscles will grow almost up to 100 percent because smile too cause the muscle.

Since I work almost all muscle groups, calorie burning going on stronger than normal walking. Fans of Nordic walking has estimated that 40 percent more. This is a great way to get rid of excess weight, to put in order your figure.

Such impressive results are achieved through rhythmic movements and breathing in the fresh air. Nordic walking has no age limit, you can go and need at any age. You can practice walking in any season – winter Nordic walking even more comfortable than the summer, and definitely safer than a normal walk through the city streets in icy conditions.

Nordic walking is the least traumatic form of fitness. The sticks absorb up to a third of punches that during normal walking and comes on the back leg joints. Therefore, Nordic walking is recommended for older people, whose joints are far from perfect, and people with excessive body mass. Reduced traumatic stress – stay healthy joints.

Nordic walking Western doctors recommend their elderly patients. Quiet rhythmic walking improves health, and evenly distributed loads keep your muscles in tone. Sticks provide an opportunity to avoid injuries that affect older people more than younger age.

Unlike, for example, running or intense walking, Nordic step has almost no contraindications, so comfortable and not traumatic is this type of fitness. It does not require special physical training or sports pre workout. Even people who are chronically avoiding any physical exercise, Nordic walking to your benefit and pleasure.

The benefits of Nordic walking for health

Nordic walking prolongs life! Now this slogan is rapidly supplanting the equally famous once “run from a heart attack”. Doctors found that doing a run, you can “opt in” to the heart attack and not to run away from him. Untrained heart could not cope with the load. Nordic walking does not require a huge effort, and its rhythm is fully consistent with human physiology.

The impact on human health and on the body interested doctors around the world. If the walk so many fans, so she’s needed for something? In some European countries, where Nordic walking is not a newfangled thing, and a full fitness mode, were carried out medical studies confirming the beneficial effects of Nordic walking on the human body. Especially interested in the walk by German doctors. During the full-scale studies, involving subjects of both sexes and of different age, it was found that Nordic walking improves the condition of the body.

Thus, the volume of the lungs after regular classes increased by one third. Strengthens the heart muscle, and the stronger the heart, the lower the risk of heart attack. Reduces the risk of hypertension and hypotensive patients begin to feel improvement, note increased vitality.

All who are engaged in Nordic walking, noticed better digestion. In particular, improves the function of the intestine, forever lost constipation eternal companions of the elderly and persons suffering from excess weight.

Muscles come in tone, sagging disappears, there is a feeling of lightness, even the most sedentary people begin to experience the joy of movement.

Indications for Nordic walking

Nordic walking is accessible to all, regardless of age, fitness level and health status. Walking sticks are recommended for pain in the spine and joints, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, for those suffering from lung diseases, including asthma. Doctors recommend Nordic walking as prevention of age-related osteoporosis.

Recommended Nordic walking for those who suffer from insomnia, nervous disorders: rhythmic load in the fresh air calms, relaxes. Help with walking sticks to cope with depression – measured physical activity helps to solve many problems. In addition, during a walk in the fresh air that gets you thinking: creative people while walking can come up with new ideas.

Nordic walking will be useful to those who are accustomed to follow the figure. One hour of Nordic walking will force the body to spend the same amount of calories as during two hours of intense usual walk. And the fresh air will improve the complexion, remove office dullness and return on the cheeks blush.

Of course, suffering from serious chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular system, before you start exercising, you need to consult with your doctor.

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