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Nordic walking

Nordic walking (walking with poles)

A new type of fitness – Nordic walking – is rapidly conquering the world. It is not known who first picked up the ski poles to walk. According to one version, the founders of this modern type of fitness became Finnish skiers. It appeared to be a few training sessions in the winter, and they began to walk in the summer, using ski poles to load the hands and the muscles of the upper torso. Those skiers who trained in the summer with the assistance of crutches, showed higher winter sports results. And those who ignored the summer training, was significantly inferior in performance to their more zealous colleagues.

This is one of the versions. Popular Nordic walking began in Europe in the 80-ies of the last century. Modern guru is considered Finn mark Cantana who first developed the semblance of instructions on the technique of Nordic walking. The work he published in 1997, and then by trial and error found the optimum design of sticks Continue reading

Methodology for the development of special endurance

Methodology for the development of special endurance.

Due to the large diversity of species of special endurance to present them in the course of General theory possible. Therefore, we will examine the most important types of its manifestations associated with the mechanism of energy supply.

Main tasks: 1. Improved aerobic capacity by improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as an essential factor for increasing anaerobic performance.

2. Increase anaerobic capacity by improving alactate and lactate mechanisms of energy supply.

3. Improving physiological and psychological borders the body’s resistance to adverse shifts its internal environment caused by hard work.

Remedies: 1. The principal means of development of the special endurance are the so-called “target exercises” or “specific activity”. These terms are denoted exercise, in relation to which special endurance increases. So, in target sports are competitive Continue reading

The physical load for hepatitis

The physical load for hepatitis

Contraindications to the use of milk Thistle should not be used for people with diseases of the psyche, in severe depressive condition in epilepsy. After hard work, turbulent emotions, overheating or overcooling at the table to sit, after waiting for about 20 minutes. This analysis establishes only the fact of infection in the present or the past.

As evidenced by the detection of IgM anti-HBC (Nvsab IgM)? The original

scheme of the viral polypeptide and its processing. Thus, a virus with a mutation in a phase of pre-C often causes fulminant or chronic active hepatitis; if mixed infection caused by hepatitis b virus, and hepatitis D, hepatitis more severe; transfection into cells Continue reading

How to lose weight

How to lose weight?

You started the diet, the weight dropped and then got stuck. What would you do, weight will not decrease. With this face effect almost all. How to lose weight . What can you do?

Having made the decision to lose weight, we pull ourselves together, buy new sneakers, fridge filling dietary products. First, we are full of energy and desire, the weight drops off, so we already got rid of a few pounds and suddenly. We encounter the barrier, it is in the phase, when the weight does not change. Since that time, the scale stopped at the one

digit. As if we don’t train intensely and whatever we ate, it never moves in any way.

But if the weight does not go away . in this case, there is less motivation. Gradually sneakers had moved into the closet, the fridge is filled with delicacies, “harmful products”. just like old times. And kilograms? They begin to arrive, as a result, the weight Continue reading

Fitness is a lifestyle”

“Fitness is a lifestyle”

And not a trivial loss, as many people think, I’m sure the owner of the fitness club “swallowtail” Nellie Vagina, especially because one of the meanings of the verb “to lose weight” – “to become poorer, poorer, become weakened. But fitness is health, youth, beauty, and harmony.

Recently in the “Swallowtail” is nowhere to fall to Apple: flexible and graceful beauties flit from one room to another, to become more beautiful, slimmer and more attractive. And rightly so: the succession of spring holidays approaching beach season, the holidays – every woman at any age I

want to be proud of their figure, subconsciously remembering the expression that men love with their eyes.

– We go to the center and girls, and girls and women, ” says Nellie. – Although it may be difficult for some ladies to determine the age, a lot depends on the power of the spirit, result orientation, innate charm and optimism. But in any case – well done! I’m not only the owner Continue reading

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How to lose weight
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