Professional trainers

Professional trainers

Cardio equipment company TRUE:

Today is the most popular form of exercise equipment. Increasing numbers of people tend to buy treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines just for practice at home. Classes on treadmills are considered one of the most effective methods of burning fat. This is largely due to physiological causes: during running in humans are activated almost all the muscles of

the body, accelerating blood circulation, so as to accelerate metabolism, burning calories and firming the body. Classes cardiofitness contribute to the training and development of the cardiovascular system of man. The same exercise is beneficial to the respiratory system, which while running is stressed strongly enough.

Treadmills firm TRUE:

Have many advantages over other simulators. First, running and walking is the most natural sport as accessible as possible to everyone. Rarely whom it is contraindicated.

There are two types of treadmills: manual and electric.

Motorized treadmill – the most simple and cheap. These tracks do not require a network connection, since the belt drives the man himself. However, if the runner gets tired, the effectiveness of the training slows down dramatically, is to turn the canvas becomes more difficult.

On electric treadmills classes will be more simple. The load can be adjusted at their discretion: from slow walking to fast running. This is achieved by selecting a workout program on the display of Your treadmill (All instructions and recommendations are attached to the simulator when buying). On all kinds of treadmills have several options for training programs – from simple walking distance to running uphill. This is achieved by changing the angle of incline (horizontal and angled upwards). The speed of the walking belt is governed by the choice of the training program. This can be done manually using the indicator to increase/decrease speed or to select a program on the display that have multiple difficulty levels. Such programs are now equipped with almost all modern models of electric tracks.

All professional the-art cardio machines are equipped with heart rate monitors (positioned on the handles or the handles of exercise equipment), which is a prerequisite for the competent and productive activities cardiofitness.

The level treadmill (and therefore price) depends on the engine power, the size of the walking belt (which determines not only the comfort but also the capacity of the track) and the maximum user weight that the track can handle. The price will depend on the maximum speed of the simulator and the angle of incline. When choosing a treadmill it is important to pay attention to the presence of depreciation. Cushioning system reduces shock loading, harmful for the spine and joints. The more expensive the tracks have already built-in workout programs.

To achieve a more comfortable environment practice home training in monitors treadmills integrated additional functions – in the classroom you can use the CDs by connecting the track to the TV or CD player. Just choose a trainer with a special monitor (touch screen) and the respective inputs. Some models can even be connected to the Internet. This will allow to combine training with work. For business people this feature is simply irreplaceable.

Most owners of country houses and luxury cottages prefer to equip the territory of his realm a small gym. They understand the importance of regular exercise for health.

The pleasure of playing sports at a private fitness club and received full health benefits exceed the costs for the equipment of your gym.

Elliptical machines by TRUE:

Elliptical machine (simulator) allows you to quickly get in shape. This cardio workout combines several exercise equipment: treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, rowing machine. You can train multiple muscle groups. So just a couple of months You will see good result. Toned body, slender figure, beautiful reliefs muscles and good mood.

The most important difference between an elliptical machine from a regular bike is in an elliptical path pedaling. Such a mechanism is more ergonomic and allows you to avoid unnecessary load on the spine and joints of the feet. Smoother motion of the pedals compared to conventional exercise bikes and finely adjustable load allow you to use these machines even older people. Microprocessor and built-in screen allow you to monitor the body in real time and configure the equipment in accordance with the required load.

Distinguished from other types of cardio optimal combination of many functions required for effective practice. For example, walking on an elliptical trajectory allows to synchronize the movement of all body parts, and this means that this form of training the major muscle groups (legs, hips, shoulders, back) is the most effective. The elliptical movement of the pedals in these machines gives the training a feeling of airiness, reducing stress on knee and ankle joints.

It should be noted that only the data of the cardio machines allow you to perform movements and forward and backward, allowing you to work muscle groups that don’t train other cardio equipment. Based on these advantages, obviously, offered by our company is an elliptical machine is a comprehensive equipment allowing cost-effectively to achieve high results.

Exercise bikes are the firm’s TRUE:

For those who care about the regular support physical tone, constant physical activity. The modern pace of life does not always allow for long walks, Jogging or even Hiking in the sports hall. Those who chose self-study, an exercise bike is the best option. Modern and stylish athletic trainers will perfectly fit into your home gym.

The exercise bike is a solid option that will look impressive, and have a large variety of functions. The expanded range of programs for athletes of all levels. We propose to consider the options, which are equipped with special computer system that carries out analysis of the load with high precision, also you can choose one of many programs designed for a particular purpose – to focus directly on the training machine, or to pay attention to weight loss. Special programs will help You control the load on the body, considering the frequency of the pulse.

Stationary bikes offer truly useful and beneficial influence on the human body. The load that a person receives, regularly using the exercise bikes at home, help to strengthen the muscular system, to lose weight, to pull the figure and even strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, without spending a lot of time and money.

If you decide to buy bikes, then bringing yourself and your loved ones to health and wellbeing. Before you buy a bike or another type, you should decide on what option you should pay attention.

There are exercise bikes for home quiet and incredibly comfortable. Your attention the proposed two types of exercise bikes: upright and horizontal. Vertical layout for a more sporty orientation training. Recumbent bike is ergonomically contoured seat with backrest and prevent fatigue in the back.

If you feel the need to lose weight or tone muscles, relieve stress, energize, or to prepare for the Cycling season, it is possible to buy bikes is the best solution for you and the whole family!

Our company offers a variety of exercise equipment for all muscle groups, but if you choose one machine, most suitable for use in the home, most often the choice is in favor of exercise bikes for the home.

Steppers company TRUE:

These simulators are designed to train the muscles of the legs. Modern Steppers can be an excellent way to strengthen the muscles of legs, joints and ligaments. Many modern Steppers equipped with built-in digital control modules and control. Thanks to this system, it becomes possible to dynamically varying loads, as well as continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the training program.

The Steppers prefer, both fans, and professionals. Movement on the Steppers remind climbing stairs. Thanks to the Steppers, in the home, you can work out the leg muscles, hips, buttocks and ankle, knee and hip joints, in the same quality as in the fitness center or a gym

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