Proper rest is a healthy body

Proper rest is a healthy body, or who lives in the water, the sand and the vegetables

Summer is in full swing, and many of our readers are looking forward to vacation. But the infection and the bacteria are not asleep! How to protect yourself from an impressive number of diseases that await us in the summer? Our expert answers readers ‘ questions.

Nikolay Malyshev

chief specialist on infectious diseases of the Department of health, MD


Any time of the year distinguished by different diseases and infections. Summer is typically the intestinal, parasitic infections. People go to nature, to the country, actively communicate with Pets – all of these pleasant and seemingly innocuous activities are often the cause of Contracting a contagious disease. In order not to spoil your vacation, you must follow certain preventive measures. Become a victim of the infection is possible, and not making a longhaul flight.

Spring and summer in Russia – this time, outbreaks of tick-borne encephalitis. And Russian beaches often feature the cleanest sand and water – a Paradise for peddlers of all sorts of infections. Be careful: do not swim in prohibited areas, on unequipped beaches.

? Every summer we are afraid of malaria and mosquitoes from year to year become more like normal. What methods of prevention you can advise

In the past three years, no cases of local transmission of malaria was not. We note a declining trend of malaria cases: out of 30 patients, 20 were infected with tropical malaria, imported from tropical countries. By the way, travel company, selling a ticket to a hot country, should conduct the interview with all the tourists. Very important before you travel prophylaxis – it is necessary to take certain medications. Prevention should begin before departure and continue for 3 weeks after arrival. Malaria may not occur for three years – with the emergence in this period, for example, high temperature is necessary to pay special attention to this and be sure to go to the doctor, reminding him that once you are vacationing in one way or another tropical country.

? What diseases are lurking in the sand? Whether it is necessary to forbid the child to play in the sandbox? Is it safe

In the sand you can pick up a huge number of parasitic diseases. To forbid the child to dig in the sand you can’t, it’s wrong. But, on the other hand, we must remember that in any sandbox, often located in the courtyard of a residential building, there are a lot of parasites. Make sure that a child playing in the sandbox, in no case do not put dirty fingers in their nose, mouth, didn’t touch the faces of contaminated hands. Arriving home, the kid should be sure to wash your hands – watch this.

Still sunbathing on the beach I would not recommend it to bury itself in the sand.

Now there are so many blood-sucking parasites that of wet sand can get on foot. On the beach be sure to go in the shoes, and tanning on the beach, podstolice under a thick cloth.

? I am concerned about infections that in the summer my child can easily pick up in the city, on the bus, on the Playground. In this case, to protect his health

– In the summer primarily aggravated intestinal infection: virus and rotavirus. They are nasty because the person begins to feel fatigue, nausea, and possibly fever. Within a few days the infection occurs quite hard. Symptoms of infectious disease are many, but the means of prevention one – observance of rules of personal hygiene, frequent hand-washing. Unfortunately, like a lot and often we may say, few are those who follow this simple but most effective rule prevention of any infectious disease.

? How people can avoid Contracting a contagious disease

I’d like to go back to the very beginning of the conversation. Our summer vacation to a great extent depends on our behavior. We must realize that everywhere there is a danger of catching viral or parasitic disease. Parasitic infections are much more complicated, many of them require a long treatment. Therefore, even for cooking, such as barbecue do not buy untested meat, always good to cook barbecue. But before you buy grandma’s herbs and externally, is quite suitable for the power supply of vegetables and fruits, think about the conditions in which they were grown. The infection is not terrible, if we fight with her and warn her appearance, and not Vice versa – create favorable conditions for its development in the body.

Rotavirus infection is an acute intestinal disease, manifested in the defeat of the gastrointestinal tract of a human rotavirus. Hurt them, both adults and children, the latter, however, often because the immunity they are not strong enough and cannot resist the rotavirus.

The symptoms of rotavirus infection

Disease rotavirus infection begins acutely manifested 1-5 days after infection. The first symptoms are abdominal pain (acute, cramping), vomiting (up to 3-4 times a day), malaise, fever (up to 38).

To the described symptoms of the infection very quickly joins acute diarrhea (diarrhea). Diarrhea

profuse, yellowish, with a sharp sour smell. The patient often my eyes turn red and inflamed throat.

Expert advice:

To avoid becoming a victim of an infectious disease:

1 don’t forget about regular hand washing.

2 Before eating fruits and vegetables thoroughly wash them.

3 do Not drink water from the tap or from unknown sources. Try to eat water that has been purified through a filter, or boiled.

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