Running in the dark

Running in the dark

Now it gets dark early. Those who commit Jogging in the evenings, it is worth knowing a few rules, not to get under the car, not to slip and not catch a cold.

Running is a useful occupation. He trains the heart, strengthens blood vessels, burns extra calories. But not everyone has the time to run during the day, many prefer to do it in the evening in summer, this training is a pleasure: the street light and not hot. But with the change of season there are problems. We will tell you how to go Jogging in the dark.


Not necessary to run on the roadway. But if there’s no other way, then the clothes should be illuminated or retro-reflective strip, in order to be visible to those traveling by car or other form of transport.

With headphones or without?

Many fans enjoy Jogging headphones to listen to music, radio etc. it drives away the boredom. however, is fraught with danger, because the person can’t hear warning signals. Of course, it would be better to abandon the earphone in favor of live music, but not everyone can turn it on at full volume. If run without headphones unbearable, you need to adjust the sound so that through it he could hear the cars honking and voices. Those who use knitted headphone for heat, so no more cold ears, it is worth knowing that they also muffle sounds and, therefore, require the runner increased vigilance.

Not SuperCool

In the evenings when it gets chilly, care must be taken not to catch a cold. In addition, to avoid injury, you should warm up your muscles and joints gradually, begin Jogging at a slow pace. The colder the weather, the longer the warm up should last. For example, if in a warmer period of the warm-up should take 500 m distance, when the weather is cold – 1km

Many people do not attach importance the purchase of a special shape for running, but in vain. When running, a person sweats, and if the sweat will not evaporate, the body will get wet, and then abruptly cooled, which leads to colds and muscle aches. Clothing should promote the evaporation of sweat. Correct running form is easily recognized by the fact that after the race it will not be wet. In special clothes you can run even in rainy and windy weather. Sports equipment should combine lightness with effective protection from the cold. The shoes should also be waterproof so as not to get his feet wet. Otherwise it is fraught not only friction, but also cold. Stretching exercises should be done at home or in a place protected from wind and rain. In addition, the correct running shoes will not slip on the wet track and get injured.

Food and drink

In the cold while running, you lose a lot of fluid. The fans to run after dinner, it is worth knowing that the coaches are not recommended to overeat before the race.

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