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How to prepare your body for Jogging

There is nothing easier than to get up from the couch and go for a jog, isn’t it? Just think about what it is time to get in shape. But if you are a beginner then it’s not just motivation. The main thing is to physically prepare your body.

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To do before your run

You cannot just take and start haphazardly run. It harms more than benefits. As strange as it sounds, unprepared to start running with the Jogging cannot. Primarily pay attention to how you sit in the office – and it’s still eight hours straight. Posture “with her legs crossed, hunched back, head hung low” and farewell, have good posture. But for running it is extremely important.

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But business not only in the right seat. It is important to understand what are the capabilities of the organism and its preparedness. First you need to pass a standard exercise – pull-UPS, push-UPS, squats, plank… If after five minutes was short of breath, to run yet. Better to start with walking sticks. Not quite what you expected? But it is necessary to develop a technique. Even great pianists started with dog waltz.

If you learned how to raise and lower the legs, to bend your knees and keep your back, it will almost certainly be able to avoid injuries. For example, when you come simultaneously to the entire foot, this creates a tremendous strain on calf muscles and knees. Much better rolling transition from heel to toe. And to develop it is needed when walking.

While running

Of course, it is best to define your parameters on a special device with the detector, otherwise, will have to focus on the sensations.

Running wear, to the limit, you burn carbs, not fat, respectively the use of such classes is not enough. Remember that you are not running for speed and distance. While Jogging you need to stay in the so-called 1 or 2 pulse area, which you can determine by using the heart rate monitor. If you haven’t already, determine on breathing. In zone 1 to run simultaneously speaking easily in 2 – is more complicated. In zone 3 you constantly need to interrupt the speech, aligning the breath – that means, you are not here.

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Immediately before the race is very, very important portaguese, and the stretch should be dynamic, so that the muscles were constantly in motion. But after the training bring the heart rate back to normal, static stretching – try to sit in the splits, reach your fingers to your toes with straight legs and back.

What to eat after running

Five meals at constant Jogging need. Forget about fatty foods with bad carbs. What is the sense to pace yourself for a jog, then to a sense of dignity to go to McDonalds. After Jogging definitely need to drink water (and before and at the time impossible, unless of course you are not a marathon runner) , to compensate for the balance in small SIPS.

Motivation for running

Crosscountry app for smartphone – initiative, of course, is good. But most coaches they evoke a sarcastic smile. No program, no matter how many options you have not entered (it is still all about yourself you can learn only after passing special tests), can not perfectly fit you adjust.

Running clubs are also not for everyone – even the most gifted coach can not consider the needs of all patients, respectively, someone definitely will not be easy.

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