The benefits of swimming or bathing with health benefits

Polizia swimming

“Dear doctor! Of course, we all heard about the benefits of swimming . but last summer was dry and hot, we swam in summer camp only four times per shift. And then only for five minutes — no more. The doctor was not allowed, afraid that we’ll end up sick. But how can we from home do not get out of the river and not catch colds? Please tell us about your relation to bathing and swimming”.

I, as a doctor, about the benefits of swimming can say the following. Swimming strengthens and increases

metabolism, and therefore, contributes to the development of children and adolescents. Swimming superbly coached lungs; no wonder swimmers the biggest lung capacity — 6000-8000 cm3! The excellent swimming strengthens the heart and blood vessels, helps to maintain normal pressure . Swimming has a positive effect on the nervous system — deepens sleep and reduces worked up. Swimming is possible without fear to do and when severe myopia, which is also care for children and adults

And, of course, swimming in the summer in summer camps to be used in full, without unnecessary shyness and reassurance (not be protected, and temper of children!). However, defending this point of view, it is impossible to go to the extreme. Extremes are always dangerous. After all, favor swimming brings only when it is used in certain doses, it is reasonable and not out of control.

Familiar pattern . teeth misses, the skin is covered in pimples, lips blue, the sand was sticking to him, and the boys get out of the sand and again (though I don’t want!) go to the water and dive for each other. The famous French scientist Louis Pasteur did a curious experience: put the chicken for half an hour in cold water and planted her anthrax. In chickens there is innate immunity (i.e. immunity) to the disease. But after hypothermia chicken legs Pasteur was sick with an ulcer. The cold water decreased the resistance of her body, destroyed the innate immune system.

On the mucous membrane of the nose and throat of a person and on his skin live pathogenic microbes. Until the body is full of strength, these microbes can cause disease. But the body is very hard to overdo (violations) or hypothermia (from unreasonable bathing), as these microbes immediately take precedence over the protective forces of the man, and he is sick — sore throat, boils, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. What would you guys spoke and wrote in his letters (“the whole day from the river do not get out and don’t catch colds. “), and statistics and experience convince us in another.

Proper use from bathing,

or how to swim

In early summer, while the body is still not used to the water bathe once a day. If the water is still very warm and you do not specially tempered, start with just dipping the water: soak and quickly go to the shore, RUB thoroughly with a towel, run, do gymnastics. The next day, experience very little, but quickly swim. Back on shore RUB a towel practice. Every day swum a greater and greater distance. Thus, the benefits of swimming will be the maximum.

If the weather is settled and warm water, in a week or two, skip two, and even thrice daily bathing. And the duration of each swimming to the end of the shift or the middle of summer can increase to 20-30 minutes with very warm water (in the South) up to 45 minutes. In Central and Northern regions of Russia, where the water and the air is colder, you can swim no more than 10-20 minutes. In the middle of summer tempered guys can swim once or twice daily, and in inclement weather. But before bathing in this case, we need a good warm up Jogging and gymnastics on the beach.

it goes without saying that these temporary dose bathing approximate. Skinny guys (not to mention a weakened children) freeze before, and so before I get out of the water. General guidelines for all can serve the health and appearance. Ate bathing you should have a feeling of cheerfulness, joy, elation or pleasant fatigue. If you are a long can’t get warm, so you obviously outbid and the residence time in the water should be reduced. And another tip: in the water you need to swim actively, move, sluggish and not move your hands and feet or passively lying on your back. Vigorous swimming increases heat buildup, the body is longer does not overcool .

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