The variety of concepts of fitness, healthy lifestyle, sport and exercise

The variety of concepts: fitness, healthy lifestyle, sport and exercise

What are the terms we operate, speaking of the gym, running or swimming? Sport, fitness, physical education. It turns out that each of these concepts there is a fairly clear definition. This review will talk about each of them and clarify all the obscure points.

Fitness (eng. fitness, from the verb “to fit” — to fit, to be in good shape) — in a broader sense — this is a General physical fitness of the human body.

Physical fitness consists of the following elements:

preparedness cardiovascular system;


muscular endurance;



cultivating balance;

good coordination of movements;



the ratio of muscle and adipose tissues in the body.

In the narrow sense of the fitness — it is a health technique that allows you to change body shape and weight and permanently to secure the results. It includes physical training in combination with proper diet. And exercise, diet and fitness are selected individually — depending on contraindications, age, health status, structure and characteristics of the shape.

There are also a number of competitive sports (fitness, athletic fitness, body fitness, etc.) have a common name fitness and which varieties of competitive bodybuilding.

The Russian word fitness is a transliteration of the English word fitness, and originally it was written with two “C”: fitness. Now it is recommended to write a single letter “C”.

Healthy lifestyle — way of life of the individual for the purpose of disease prevention and health promotion. The concept of “healthy life” is definitely not yet determined. Representatives of philosophical and sociological directions consider a healthy lifestyle as a global social problem. an integral part of society as a whole. In psycho-pedagogical direction of a healthy way of life is considered from the point of view of consciousness, human psychology and motivation. There are other points of view (e.g., biomedical), however, the sharp boundaries between them are not as they are aimed at solving one problem — the health of an individual .

A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for the development of different sides of human life, the age of active longevity and full execution of social functions, for active participation in work, social, family, household, leisure forms of life.

The relevance of a healthy lifestyle caused by the increasing and changing nature of loads on the human body due to the increasing complexity of social life, increasing the risks of technological, environmental, psychological, political and military nature, provoking negative changes in health status.

Elements of a healthy lifestyle:

education from early childhood healthy habits and skills;

environment: safe and conducive for living, knowledge about the influence of surrounding objects on the health;

avoiding harmful habits: Smoking, drug use, eating alcohol;

meals: moderate, according to the physiological characteristics of the particular individual, the awareness of food quality;

movement: physical activity, including exercise (see e.g., fitness ), according to age and physiological characteristics;

hygiene of the body: the observance of rules of personal and public hygiene, knowledge of first aid skills;

the hardening.

On the physiological state of a person is greatly influenced by his emotional state. Therefore, some authors indent the following aspects of a healthy lifestyle:

emotional health: mental hygiene, the ability to cope with their own emotional problems;

intellectual well-being: a person’s ability to learn and use new information for optimal actions in new circumstances;

positive thinking, spiritual well-being: the ability to set important, constructive life goals, strive for them and achieve them;

the optimism.

Sport (eng. sport, a reduction from the original English. disport — “game”, “fun”) — organized according to certain rules human activity, consisting in the comparison of their physical and intellectual abilities, as well as preparation for this activity, and interpersonal relations arising in the process.

Sport is a specific kind of physical and intellectual activity committed with the purpose of the competition. as well as targeted training to them through warm-up, workout, combined with rest and gradual desire to improve physical health, improve intelligence, receive moral satisfaction, commitment to excellence, personal improvement and absolute records, fame, and improve their own physical abilities and skills.

Sports — a part of physical culture. This is actually competitive activities and preparations for it. It clearly shows the desire to win, achieve good results, the mobilization of physical, mental and moral qualities of man.

Physical culture — the sphere of social activity aimed at preservation and strengthening of health, development of mental and physical abilities in the process of conscious motor activity.

Physical culture — part of a culture that represents a set of values, norms and knowledge created and used by the company for the purpose of physical and intellectual development of human abilities, improve physical activity and healthy lifestyle, social adaptation through physical education, physical training and physical development (in accordance with the Federal law of the Russian Federation of 4 December 2007 N 329-FZ ” About physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation”).

Key indicators of state physical culture in the society are:

the level of health and physical development of people;

the degree of use of physical culture in the sphere of upbringing and education in production and everyday life.

The primary means of physical culture, developing and harmonizing all aspects of life of the human body, are conscious of the various classes of physical exercises, most of which are invented or improved by man. They suggest a gradual increase in physical activity from charging and workout to training, from training to sports games and competitions, from them to establish both personal and universal sports records as the growth of personal physical capabilities.

In combination with the natural forces of nature (sun, air and water), hygiene factors, diet and rest, and depending on personal goals in physical education allows you to develop harmoniously and to improve the health and maintain it in a good physical condition for a long period of years.

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