What do you do sports

What do you do sports or what brand sports apparel do you prefer?

Clothing for sports

Intense physical training clothing and footwear is necessary. They should allow it to stand freely, lie down, run, jump, dance and spin the pedals. Therefore, the most convenient and comfortable sport suit is made of cotton with lycra, sneakers with arch supports, tape, sweat-absorbing. Very good for this purpose ribbon salesteam: it is tight to the head and absorbs perspiration.

Currently on sale there are special clothes, quite effective for fitness as a belt and pants that increase sweating in the waist area. Such clothing, in addition, supports the lower back. However, getting the belt and pants, you need to consider that the strong overheating can negatively affect the kidneys. Therefore, to use such clothing should be reasonably. Trade offers and anti-cellulite clothing, but it is effective only in the early stages of cellulite, but do sports in these pants comfortable because they are made from high quality materials.

Clothing for strength training.

In strength training, you need an open, tight suit, the controlling technique of the movements. To practice suitable clothing from the material with the addition of polyester or polyamide. This suit absorbs moisture and practical. It shall conform to the General size of clothing to fit loosely without pulling muscles.

For strength training can overheat, otherwise excessive sweating can cause dehydration, which, in turn, will affect negatively on his work in General. On hands it is advisable to wear special gloves with Velcro on the wrists and foam inserts. It will protect against blisters and sprains. Gloves should be airtight and not slippery.

On his feet are worn aerobic sneaker in lightweight material with air bags throughout the foot. The height of the sneaker should fix the ankle.

Clothes for running and walking.

For running or walking needs tight, not hot stuff. Body during such classes should be open. In the warm season, the most appropriate clothing for running and walking will be t-shirt and shorts. On cool days top you can throw a windbreaker.

Running shoes specific. This running shoes with corrugated soles and uppers a light synthetic material, tight-fitting leg. The outer side of the heel they have slightly beveled. On the heel part has a special shock absorbing insert. In shoes intended for walking, these inserts are placed along the entire sole.

For daily training need two pairs of shoes to alternate it every other day. Prepotencia must dry well, otherwise it will lose shape and become uncomfortable for running.

Sneakers it is advisable to buy in the evening, when feet become swollen. Then the shoes will not reap.

Clothing for rollers.

Such clothing must be either very loose, or tight, so as not to hinder movement, and light. Its color can be any, however, white is undesirable because of its marking, and the black attracts the sun’s rays, making the costume is hot. This should be considered when choosing a costume. Going to the training, you need to take a windbreaker to throw it during stops.

In order to protect from injury during a fall in clothing for rollers, there are special pads, elbow pads, gloves. If you plan extreme training required protective helmet. If not, it is advisable to wear a baseball cap or bandana.

The rollers need to choose very carefully. It is advisable when buying a consult with a specialist in this kind of shoes. Foot size and skates have to match.

Clothing for yoga.

Yoga is more open problemami or fitting suit. He should be more comfortable for the body.

Yoga is done barefoot, in socks or soft Slippers. Slippers should not be many and the retaining foot. Externally they are similar gymnastic cescom.

Clothing for swimming.

Model swimsuit or swimming trunks for competitive swimming does not matter. The main thing in them – thick synthetic fabric that does not allow you to jump off of the body when swimming and do not lose color. The most suitable option of swimsuit – crossed back straps that do not impede the movement of the hands. To support it must be a strip of elastic mesh material.

During the lessons in the pool must wear a cap made of silicone. It protects hair from exposure to chlorine and facilitates forward movement. In addition, it is necessary to have eyewear that protects the eyes and the area around them. Today on sale is the model points from a leaky rubber with adjustable nose bridge. They are suitable for any type of person. Glass such glasses do not fog up and protect from ultraviolet radiation.

And for the pool, for the beach and the necessary non-slip rubber flip-flops.

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