What running shoes

What running shoes are most popular?

In may of last year I decided to discover running and of course to do this you had to buy new sneakers. Which firm to choose? My head is spinning Nike, Adidas, Reebok I. Fila. These are the most popular names of sports clothing and footwear in Russia.

Digging in the closet found from Reebok ZigTech. even the earliest. Bought them a couple of years ago, seduced by their new-fangled sole.

Something like this, only older model. Walking in them is comfortable, the

sole is pleasantly springy. Tried to run and immediately realized that something was wrong, the heel goes left and right, feel uncomfortable, especially at the beginning of the run.

Then I was advised to pay attention to the ASICS firm, type in it the whole of Europe and runs the majority of participants of Amateur marathons uses it. A bit of reading the forums and go to the company store I bought the cheap model ASICS GT-1000.

Compared to Reebok it was the earth and the sky, running became much easier. The heel is in place, the foot walks, plus the outsole as it extended to the bottom and they are very stable on the ground. Plus the advertising claimed some kind of gel in the heel, I guess that’s good. Overall I was very happy as an elephant, and ran in them the whole month of may and June.

Naturally I wanted something else to try and I decided to buy top running shoes ASICS Kinsei 4. And to me, they managed to buy with 50% discount in Novorossiysk, I don’t know how it happened.

They look better, and promotional materials declare the heap of modern technologies in them. After running much of a difference I noticed with the GT-1000, even a little worse because of no familiarity. So put them aside until better times, while I run in old shoes.

Later, studying the Amazon website, I found that in the States quite popular, other manufacturers of sneakers. Never thought about it.

My boss Paul all his life enjoys running, spending Amateur marathons in the United States, in his fifty plus runs almost every day. Man, erased the soles are not some sneakers and knows a lot about. Now, he told me that the best running shoes for the price-quality, New Balance 1080, very long enough and the normal price. Although I somehow Meryl, I did not like.

Paul said that we need to wait for a sale and to buy 2 pairs. They — real runners, very different requirements to sneakers, for them it is just expendable. Chose a convenient model and buy them as bulbs. Has worn off, took out the new pair and go.

I read on one of the forums that normally run in a month — 400 km, it is more than 10 km each day. Sneakers lasts around 600-800 km. Paul also called me their numbers, I really can’t remember them.

By the way, New Balance sneakers can immediately find out of Americans. From trips to the States remember that if you see a dude in shorts, white sports socks and white sneakers New-Balance or jeans and white sneakers New Balance, 99% of you in front of the American. Russian can be identified by black socks and black shoes with shorts, swimming trunks, jeans in the gym, on the beach and in the sauna.

Studying the market I found that the second coolest brand of shoes Mizuno is considered, it is, like ASICS, the Japanese manufacturer and the market keeps on running shoes of these two companies, all other manufacturers — secondary. Here I ASICS, buy Mizuno.

Yesterday I received in the mail from the RunKeeper website the results of a survey of visitors on Facebook. Service RunKeeper helps using iPhones to track their physical activity, all sharpened by running — distance, speed, time, very informative. Voted fans — runners, I think mostly Americans.

Very strange to see even the leaders of Brooks and Saucony, to me these brands are not familiar with. Although Paul said that his sister runs in Saucony. Just wondering twirl sneakers these manufacturers in your hands, and while I «wearing» their ASICS. Already warmed up, so the days will resume Jogging.

What running shoes do You prefer?

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