Why losing weight physical activity

What to choose? What to avoid?

So, if we decided that we will do what’s best? Here, for beginners, in the first place, the question of individual preferences and abilities. Some types of good simplicity and cheapness — a walk in the Park or stairs available to all, some species, on the contrary, a good exclusive — sessions with a personal trainer will help you without problems to get accustomed to the workout, and if they are paid six months in advance, they will be a pity to miss :). Unequivocally that any physical activity will bring a huge amount of the above-mentioned advantages, and much more important to choose what will surely be a part of your lifestyle, the kind that you will be

easier to stick to than calculating the difference between different types of activity, and then realize that the selected exercise regularly do not work..

However, as in the case of food, a lot of myths are associated with the choice of the optimal type of exercise for losing weight. For starters dispel typical misconceptions:

Exercises, “the press” does not reduce the stomach. Moreover, serious exercises for obliques only visually degrade the waist in women. Seriously to remove fat in a particular place is almost impossible, but the total weight loss is easily achieved and reducing belly.

“Housework”, in most cases, will not replace physical exercise. Remember that calories burned is the actual energy consumption, and if you don’t feel hot and/or you are actively produces sweat, then most likely your power consumption less than 300 kcal per hour. (depends of course on the room temperature, and clothing, and individual characteristics). For reference, know that 300 calories is enough to a person with excess weight, to run about 4-5 miles

Rumor has it that to burn fat, the duration of employment should be no less than 30-60 minutes. This is not so. As we know, fat is burned and no practice (albeit slowly), and all the calories which you have not compensated it with meals, eventually (in the scale of months), will take from the fat – well is not present in the body other such large reserves of energy. Yes, part of calories in the classroom comes from glycogen, but, anyway, his loss will be remedied, including, indirectly, and from their fat. But this myth is, obviously, helps people to adjust themselves to the longer classes, which certainly brings a positive result – more calories than spend, the more fat will be wasted (the same power).

There is a myth that to burn fat, you have to train on an empty stomach”. Variant: “after training two or three hours is not”. This is a quite harmful myth, and refuted by direct experimental control(# ). Burns body is not precisely fat, and calories, which, sooner or later, will still come from fat. But if the “slow” loads, like walking, the body can perform largely due to the fats, or intensive strength exercises are dependent on glucose, which is the current power. And in fact, such training is carried out on an empty stomach will not burn more fat, and less due to the lower total load. Moreover, deficiency of glucose at the end of workout can lead to muscle breakdown, i.e. “burn muscle”. devaluing practice, however, this applies mainly to trained people and high-intensity loads.

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