Yoga for all ages

Yoga for all ages

In adulthood, people often impose many limitations: it’s not for years, I could never, at my age it’s not appropriate – so they say, closing the door itself in many areas of life. Including yoga, which many consider an occupation suitable only for the young and flexible. Meanwhile, in the

halls of yoga centers you can always see a wonderful older people who give a lot of time practice and achieve amazing results. So when is it too late to start practicing yoga?

About it our conversation with the founder and leading teacher at the Yoga Center Tatiana, BORODAENKO.

– The question is, at what age it’s not too late to start practicing yoga, you can hear from different people – and 30-year-old, and from those who have long retired. The answer can be only one: yoga for all ages. As an example, we always provide a history of the life Guruji Shri B. K. S. Iyengar, who has long been a yoga teacher for the Belgian Queen mother. When they met for the first time, Her Majesty was already 84 years old, and she never practiced yoga. However, during the first lesson, she stood in a handstand. In 84 years! Iyengar became her teacher, and thanks to his efforts, the Queen mother, who had many health problems, significantly improved their physical and mental condition and lived another 12 years.

Of course, this case is distinguished, however, in the practice of our center, and our colleagues there are many other examples of how yoga helps to literally revive the active life of older people. And that is the yoga of Iyengar suitable for this purpose is better, since it has the achievements is gentle, gentle, but does not reduce its effectiveness practice for people of Mature age.

But agree, young people inevitably have thoughts about what classes they will not be able to execute basic exercises that they won’t bend, they aren’t comfortable among younger and able.

– It is very important to understand why you go to the gym. Yoga is not a sport, and you’re not for records and external effects, and for their own development, improve health, to expand the boundaries of their own capabilities. If you never sit in the Lotus position – that’s okay! There are other, very simple at first glance postures that lead to the alignment of the body, harmonizing consciousness, everyone is able to fulfil them.

For the elderly, there are special classes, especially classes restorative practices. They are dedicated to providing engaged maximum comfort: the teacher takes into account the individual characteristics of a person and can offer a whole Arsenal of extras that will facilitate the implementation of the poses, but will ensure full safety. And there is nothing to be ashamed of: in asanas the main thing is the clarity of the building poses, and not its amplitude, in addition, it is important that the lessons were fun, and only with time, when the body will be more prepared, you can move on to more serious loads.

– What is the difference classes for Mature people from the intense practice?

In restorative practices takes into account the changes that occur in the body with age. You have to understand that with age our body loses faster and worse accumulates energy, there is a gradual “drying up” of the body – it’s not about fluid consumed with drinking, and intracellular environments, moisture, which provides softness and elasticity to all the organs, muscles, ligaments. Therefore, the task of this exercise was to maintain the existing energy and to fill the shortage of moisture. So, should avoid exercises that require excessive physical effort, maximum power consumption. Perfect posture support, supports, particularly important inverted postures, but performed in a sparing mode.

By the way, the Iyengar, who in her 90s practice devotes 3 hours per day, mainly performs restorative poses: long stretches on the arch, which provides a perfectly smooth deflection of the spine, is lying in Savasana with the cargo, which also gives maximum relaxation and rest.

Generally, restoring posture is all you need – those who are engaged in active practitioners, yoga teachers, young people, but for older people they become the basis of classes and even a part of everyday life. All of us from time to time want to lie down and relax. You can settle down on the sofa in front of the TV, and people familiar with yoga, be sure to lie down in a comfortable restorative pose. And in the end, for 15-20 minutes it will rest, will rise spirit, will gain a second wind, because in Asan his body will be drawn out, to get rid of the clamps, the brain calms down, which never happens if the clock lying on the couch.

– And what about the many diseases that exist in the elderly: many people are afraid to go into the hall because they got pressure, vessels, osteochondrosis?

– If there is serious illness, it is possible to have lessons in yoga therapy research, to individual classes. Before class in class is required to warn the teacher about how you are feeling today and what are the limitations: the teacher will correct your practice in the light of this information. In any case, meaningful practice under the guidance of experienced teachers in 100 percent of cases gives a positive result and significantly improves the condition – it’s been confirmed repeatedly.

– Many are very afraid of the inverted poses…

– You need not be afraid, and to choose from a huge list of who will afford, and make sure! It is proved that in 60 years the blood flow to the brain compared to 30 years reduced by 60 percent. That is the brain of an elderly person lives almost in a constant state of starvation. The treatment that offers medicine, the appointment of drugs that improve blood flow. And inverted postures give the same – the blood flow is improved and is sent to the brain. In this asana, unlike medicines have no side effects. There is something to ponder, isn’t it? I am not saying that yoga can completely replace medical care, in any case! All the doctors must strictly implement, however, people, practicing yoga regularly, reasons to go to the doctors and resort to sophisticated treatment becomes less.

Today everyone is talking about the anti-aging, the science of rejuvenation of the body, developing means so much to preserve the youthfulness of the face, skin…

– To achieve external rejuvenation with the help of modern technology, it is probably not hard. But, you see, under a true youth we understand is not it. A fresh perspective on the world, a common sense, flexible, movable body, comfortable feeling, good mood, lots of plans, interest in life in all its manifestations – all this is more important than the absence of wrinkles.

Yoga change a person’s appearance, posture straightens, make the body more fit, and interior condition is more young and energetic. Better yoga is not a means of rejuvenation. I’m convinced of it.

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